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Monday, April 1, 2019

Holding Your Head Up in Church When You Feel Like You Can’t be Used

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Something that I’ve heard people say when they leave the church is, “I can’t be used here.”   I can’t really address that with a story of my own, but I am willing to talk about it.   I’ve always had the mind-set that there is always something to be done and I would look for it.   Even after the prayer ministry ended.   When God moves you out of a ministry it doesn’t mean it’s over for you.  With God there is a reason for all things.  It may be that He is giving you a time of rest, or you need to be in a time of learning and growing.  Maybe He’s preparing you for something else.  I took some time to rest, learn, and heal.  I think that was okay.   However, I kept going to church and pushed through the hard spots.  I knew the importance of getting and staying busy.   If you are not staying busy, or being accountable to anyone, then it is easy to lay out of a service or two.  You think you’re not going to be missed.   We each bring a dimension of the Holy Spirit with us and the body isn’t complete without it.   You are missed.   If you are committed to work in a ministry then you are more likely to show up.   My husband drove the vans, I worked in the nursery.   I joined the choir and he was an usher.  I have always volunteered to do something.   It isn’t about me.  It’s about Jesus.  It’s about the new people that were coming in and the other members that needed a time of rest.  They needed to be able to hear the Word while someone else comforted their babies.  Or they simply needed a ride to get there.  Serving others brings joy.   And, you don’t have to be the leader of the ministry to enjoy it!  Sometimes not being the leader is even better.   You can just come in when you’re scheduled and serve.   You don’t have to take care of the logistics.

When someone says, “I can’t be used here,” I think of my kids telling me that they are bored.  What do you mean, you’re bored?  I can think of hundreds of things to do.   Throw out the trash! (Yes, it is important!)   Vacuum the sanctuary, that’s hard work and help is always appreciated.   Pick up the papers and other stuff that people have left in the hallways.  Volunteer to drive a van. Work in the nursery, go on outreaches, find something to do.  I bet there is always something to do in your church!   Be humble.  Be willing to do some of the mundane things that need to be done.  God will see and lift you up in His time.  Don’t go running for the platform right away.  If you think that’s all God has called you for, then you are mistaken.   Being on the platform isn’t the only thing that catches God’s eye.  If you’re trying to catch the eyes of man, you’re in it for the all the wrong reasons anyway and maybe you shouldn’t be used.   Consider your reasons for wanting to serve. 
Some ministries in the church require that an application be filled out, or a background check be done.  Some require that a class is taken before you start.  These requirements are put in place for a reason.  1 Thessalonians 5:12, NKJV, says this “And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you,”  If you want to be used, be willing to go through the requirements of the church as long as they are reasonable and in order.  This is something that is for the protection of all parties.  You want to know who is “over you in the Lord” and other members want to know who you are.  

There is always more to be done for the Kingdom. Be open to what God has for you.  You never know what it will be, and we must be ready to serve in season and out of season.  There is such a blessing that comes with serving!  One of those blessings is the fellowship with other Christians.  I have made so many friends while working side by side with someone in ministry.  God wants to use all of us.  Do not allow the devil to lie to you and keep you from being used.  Find a place to serve today.   Do what you can, no matter how small it may seem.  Just last week my Pastor said, “small things have a way of building into big things.”    And Jesus says, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones…”  Luke 6:10

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