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Saturday, February 10, 2018

All dressed up for Valentine's 2018

Come on in!  I'm so glad you were able to stop by my blog today.  
Let me show you around my "tea" room and specifically how it's decorated for Valentine's Day. 
This little bear was a gift from my SW (Sweet William - my honey) some years ago.  The bear is pretty much a fixture on the this shelf.  Right now he's in charge of holding that Valentine card. 
These sweet heart shaped plates with cherubs are always on display in here.   Cupid comes out after Christmas.   I have been known to leave him on display for months after Valentines.  It's the romantic in me! 

My SW finds the prettiest cards for me and I do save them all.  He writes such sweet sentiments in them.  I cherish each and every one.  These two love bird angels are actually a vase, for a start or single flower.  I've not used it for such yet.  Maybe some day. 

I've tucked away several cards in this metal envelope.   It is all so sweet.   

Some have told me that my tea room always reminds them of Valentine's Day.  It's not a bad thing I hope.  I really am a Romantic and love all things soft, lacy, and lovely.  It's a good thing my SW doesn't mind.  

I do put away all of the Valentine cards every year.  I get to enjoy them all over again when decorating my tea room.  

I felt like this post wouldn't be complete without sharing a Valentine Tea!  What fun is this little find?   I just recently found the teapot at the Goodwill.  I've had the cups for several years.  The red matches so perfectly.   How about some sweet cinnamon tea? 

And look at this sweet little card I found at World Market.   I love the cut out it is so delicate.  

So the pillows aren't really Valentine's and neither are the paper roses but they are looking so pretty in my sunroom right now I had to share.  Let's sit awhile and enjoy some tea here. 

I'll be heading over to Jan Olson's
to check out all of the other Valentine's Day Décor.  


  1. Beautiful, love your cherubs, I'm a cherub lover too, thank you for sharing your "Vintage Valentine" on the blog hop. So much fun!


  2. There's nothing like Vintage Valentine's! I remember being so amazed looking at my grandmother's collection. She kept them in albums! Your cherubs and hearts are lovely!

  3. Hi Jocelyne, it's so nice to meet you and follow your blog! I loved seeing your pretty tea room, and seeing all your lovely things. I wish I could see it all in person!
    I received my teacup package from you!! I emailed you and hope I got your email right. I will be writing to you a proper thank you. Love and hugs are sent to you!

  4. Great vignettes and gorgeous teacups!

  5. I love your vintage Valentines, Jocelyn.


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