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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Black Tea Cup Collection

There's more to my life than tea cups ... really.  Someday I'll show you.  But right now I really want to share these beautiful black tea cups with you.  Do you have black tea cups?  Do you like them?

This Royal Albert was the first black tea cup I ever saw.  I found it an Antique store in Seattle, Washington more then a few years ago. I was just in awe of it and it started my search for more.  Of course, I can find them online.  But I can't afford the asking price! I did make a bid for one at Goodwill Auction online once.  My little bid was $45.00, which was making very uncomfortable but I wanted that cup. I had to let it go though, it eventually sold for over $250.00! Wow!

So naturally, I was delighted to find these Johnson Brothers for, ahem, .49 cents a piece!  More my speed. 

This hand-painted jaw dropper was found at an antique store in Florence, Colorado.  The tea set was a local Goodwill find.  All of it for under $20.00.   I love to put the black pieces all together. It makes a striking display - do you think? 

I also have these.  They are all Royal Albert and the one in the middle is the same one you see in the second picture. I have not used all of these, yet.  I think I used the one from Seattle once.  I've used the tea pot.  I will eventually use the others, I believe we should use the pretty things and enjoy them, don't you?  Tea tastes soooo much better in a fine china cup and makes you feel special while using it.  Or is that just me?

Today I'm joining these parties:
Share Your Cup
Home Sweet Home 


  1. Your black tea cups are gorgeous! I have one, and yes it's a beauty. Hard to find any in black. . .you're lucky to have some. Online bidding can get a bit cut-throat, it's true, but I don't think I would EVER pay $250 for a tea cup! I'd be afraid to actually USE it.

    1. Right?! First I don't think I ever would pay that much and second, it would be for looking at only. No touch! LOL.

  2. I also love collecting china. Using collected porcelain and displaying it, and handling it are why it's fun to own them. Food tastes better when on collected china. It's not just you... :)


    1. Thank you for visiting Jeanne! I love your dresser that gets changed out every season. Those striped dishes are beautiful.

  3. What a charming collection! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  4. Beautiful teacup collection. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. I'm with you on the teacups! My shelf is full and yet I keep looking! Your black pieces are gorgeous! Enjoy!


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