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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Blue Tea Cups for January

I can finally say that I have put away all of the Christmas decorations!  Yay, Go Me! 
I had a flu bug right after the first and there has been a change in our household which I hope is permanent for now.  Can there be a permanent for now?  My daughter is home, and doing her best to stay drug free.  She is the mom to 3 grandkids that I have been blessed to take care of for the past year and several months.  Pray that all continues in the right direction. 

So with all of the Christmas decorations finally coming down and it still being winter I thought it was fitting to pull out the blue tea cups for my tea room.

I've seen other designers using the same color scheme for this time of year so I know its nothing new.  I just agree with them, blue and white still feel wintry don't they? 

Come join me for some tea will you?  I've got a lot on my mind and it is so nice to have someone to talk to.   It's hard raising kids these days.  I think especially when you've raised your own and then you get some more.  I have been given a gift of patience, I know that because it takes a lot to frazzle me.  It's just that sometimes I don't use the gift very well.  Like when I yell at my grandson, who is really a good good kid.  His life experiences haven't been the best and yet he has incredible faith.  He will be 15 tomorrow!  My first grandchild.  I just sometimes don't have patience for everyday teenage boy antics.  

Finally all of the kids are back to school and my sweet William is back to work after all of us have been cooped up in the house.  It really seemed like the longest Christmas break ever...I guess because I got sick right after the holidays.  A couple of the kiddos got sick too.   I thought it would never end!

But thankfully it did!  And I can maybe move on now.  Getting the Christmas decorations all put away was a big deal.  I decorate almost every room in the house.  Maybe I'll rethink that next year. I still have to go take it out of my booth.  Bad show I know!  I at least have taken down the tree and moved all the rest of it to a markdown corner.  Some of it sold, but its time to get what's left out of there.    

Told you I have a lot on my mind.  Sorry for the rambling!  What do you think about these beauties?  I really like them.  They have all come from a thrift store somewhere.  The latest would be the first cup hanging on the left.   I picked up a matching pair from a thrift store in Aurora, Colorado just a week ago.   I had taken my sister for a doctors appointment and we always find a thrift store or two to visit whenever we go.  

You know what I have a hard time finding either at thrift or online or anywhere for that matter?  It's these kind of cup and saucer towers or display racks.  I guess those that have them don't want to give them up, or they are just not affordable.  I've seen some of the towers on Etsy for almost $200.00!   

I did find two of mine at a thrift store here for I think $4 a piece!  Woohoo!  I'll keep looking.  I find a lot of the plate racks, but they don't have the hook for the cup.  

These beautiful cups also came from the same thrift store as the towers, at the same time.  I guess I was in the right place at the right time!   I did see another customer with two tea cups in her cart and I was really watching her to see if she would change her mind.   She didn't.  I watched her buy them.  For shame, I think I have a problem.  I'll tell you another story about a tea cart some time.  Remind me.

Thanks for having tea with me.  Know that I am encouraged, I was listening to a song by Andrae Crouch today "Through it all" and I was reminded that through it all, Jesus is always by my side.  No matter if I get impatient, or sick, or too busy, He's there. I'm blessed. 

I pray that you would be blessed too...

Today I'm joining these parties:
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  1. Hi Jocelyne, I love your post. Your tea cup collection along with the racks is beautiful. When I read the section about watching the other lady with the tea cup, my husband said I sound like your twin haha. So good to hear that your daughter is fighting the battle, she is so fortunate to have you there for the kids. I think you are entitled to lose your patience at times with raising 3 kids for that period of time. Have a wonderful week and hope you get back on your feet.

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week too.

  3. Your teacups are all lovely. I think blue and white are a combination that just seems to fit any season -- lucky us! Your daughter and grandchildren are so lucky to have you. Hope you are over the flu!

    1. thanks for visiting and leaving comment! i suppose they are lucky to have me ~ i feel lucky to have them. i know of many a grandparent that rarely get to see their babies. i haven't always felt this way but God has given me a new attitude toward this situation. come back soon, i'd love to visit with you again.

  4. You have a lovely teacup collection. I can relate to collecting them. The Lord is always waiting patiently for us to come to Him in prayer for everything. There is no prayer that is too small. He wants to hear all of our needs. He likes us to talk to Him just like you are talking to us here. May the Lord bless you and your family this year.

  5. Oh Jocelyne, I know it can't be easy raising grand kids. Sadly, I know that it's more common than we'd like now days. I will be routing for your daughter to stay clean! Your blue and white teacups are gorgeous and perfect for the winter blues! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Yes it’s true! That is why I decided to be more open about it, just to let others know they are not alone. Thanks for visiting!


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