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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Tea Time

I don't know what started it, but somewhere in time I fell in love with tea cups and tea things.  I started collecting a "few" and then dear ones in my life gave me a "few" more.

I am drawn to them in the thrift stores and yard sales especially.  To me it seems people don't realize what they have, but I do, and I snatch them up.  So many of them I've gotten for just pennies.  

Like any collection it grows and grows.  These are just what I have in the Christmas theme.  I love putting them on display at this time of year.  It adds such a  festive touch to my dining room.  (Or as some have called it my tea room)  My favorite though is the "diamond room" as one of my dear granddaughters called it when she was learning to talk.

I have minis that I just adore.  They were probably meant for child's play and I do play with them on occasion with my grands. 

I do use all of my cups, at least once. If you come over for tea I'll let you chose a cup to use.

But when we are through, I will wash and dry it and carefully put it back on display.

Here is a vintage coffee or chocolate pot with a bowl.  I've not used it but it does show signs of use.  This beautiful Vintage Merry Christmas cup and saucer is a favorite.  

I also collect snowmen!  Now they really multiply - I'll post about those soon too.  I just love the Snowmen teapots that I have acquired over the years.  

This one I've had the longest.  Just love his rosy cheeks!

Here is another Christmas mini with a Snowman Teapot peeking out from behind. 

This teapot is my most used Christmas teapot.  It is such a generous size and I love to serve Cranberry Spice tea from it.  

Another teapot...this one a kid on a sleigh.  So fun!  I've not use this one either.

These are a part of my Christmas China.  I do have the whole set but display just these for now. On Christmas day we will use the set and then carefully pack it all away once the festivities are over. 
And last in my "diamond" room I want to share with you my mini tree with the mini mini teacup and teapot ornaments.  And my mini nativity scene.   They're so cute!  I couldn't resist. 

 I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.  I am linking up with Creating Christmas Link Party and with Home For Christmas Link Party.  For more Christmas inspiration go check it out.  There is so much to see! 


  1. Jo, your tea room sounds like a place I would want to be. I would wander and look at each and every cup! I do have quite a few teacups, but no Christmas ones. I bought the Christmas Tea one years ago, like yours; but gifted it to a friend. I enjoy seeing it when I go to her home. I love that story! Have you read it? Cranberry tea sounds super yummy! Thanks for sharing with Creating Christmas!

  2. You have such a beautiful Christmas teacup collection. Thanks so much for linking up with Home For Christmas!

  3. I am certainly a fan of your little teacup tree, as I have one myself! You have a lovely collection of Christmas tea things!

  4. Oh, what a lovely post, my friend! I so enjoyed seeing your pretty tea cups. And I must say your home looks beautiful for the Christmas season.

    Like you, I love tea cups and slowly my collection has grown. I have received many from dear friends and I love using them because it reminds me of their love and generosity.

    Merry Christmas, dear one! Hugs!


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