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Friday, November 10, 2017

My First Tea Cup Exchange

Oh I am soooooo glad I finally got to participate in this Tea Cup Exchange hosted by beautiful Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose blog!   In the past I was always too late.  I would only get to read about it and drool over all the pictures of the exchanges.  Not this time though!  I happened to notice it was coming up and jumped on the opportunity to participate. Even though it came at a very busy time for me.  I was running the kitchen at my church for a week feeding about 400 people everyday.    A lot of prep goes into that...and it all happened the week we were to send out our exchanges!   None the less, I was determined.   I sent my package to Kelly of Homespuns 'n Hayfields blog.    I had such fun looking through her blog and her past teacup exchanges trying to figure out what she would like.  It was so neat learning that her fave color is the same as mine - Yellow!  Not many can say that.  She also likes antiques and  ironstone - so do I!  We are both Grandmom's already...  What a great match!  I sent her a vintage ironstone transferware teacup and saucer in brown, from my collection, along with some other little goodies. Here is picture of what I sent: 

Then, oh....my....goodness.....  I received the following from Linda at My Sew What Blog.   I felt so spoiled!  


Just look at all of this beautifulness!  Everything was wrapped and stamped with a teacup stamp and tied with gold ribbon.  Even the wrapping was pretty.   I can't even pick a favorite thing...

This handmade bag...lined, zippered, has lace...I love lace....enough said.

This vintage napkin, wrapped around a crocheted placemat and tied together with silk flower and honey spoon!  It's just so pretty I didn't want to take apart!  I love vintage linens.

These mercury glass votive holders.  Love how they add a little more sparkle to the table! 

Yummy tea in these cute little tins!  

Who doesn't love handmade soaps, and these face scrubbies!  The smell is wonderful.

Maple syrup and honey.  Yum.  I mean I didn't expect all of this goodness!  

And chocolates...Does she know my weaknesses or what?  I was in heaven. 

And I confess, ate the whole box while taking these photos.  Yummmmm.  

And of course, this absolutely beautiful tea cup and saucer!  Just look at her standing all sassy on her gold feet.  I love it.  She has already taken the top spot on my teacup stand and will stay there for awhile I'm sure.  See if you can spot her in upcoming blog posts!  This was such fun and I can't wait for the next exchange.  Thank you Stephanie for pouring your heart into this.  Because of you, we all have received gifts from new friends that I am sure we will treasure!   


  1. I am giggling over the chocolates...I did the same thing with some of my chocolate {{smiles}}

    This post is filled with beauty, dear Jocelyn. I love the package you sent to my Aunt Kelly {yep, she's my aunt} and oh, what a lovely package from Linda. She sent to me a couple of years ago and I can say that she always blesses the recipient with her love and kindness.

    I am so glad you were able to join the fun. And hopefully we can get together for tea soon :) Love and hugs to you!

  2. Yellow is one of my favourite colours too! I had admired the wonderful package that you sent to Kelly on her blog. She had sent me a teacup a few years ago and I've enjoyed getting to know her since.

    What a beautiful package from Linda. I absolutely adore the cute gold little feet on your gorgeous teacup!

  3. Hello~ I've come for a visit from my dear Stephanie's party,so nice to "meet" you.
    I so enjoyed reading Kelly's post (my sister-in-law) and viewing all the beauty that you gifted her. You certainly did your homework, as everything was totally her!

    Linda is such a dear and sweet lady and she has a big heart. I was a recipient of her gifts a few exchanges ago and I absolutely love the tea cup she graced me with.
    You will enjoy getting to know her.
    Your items are all so lovely.

    You have a beautiful place here and I am happily following along with you.


  4. It's so much fun to see what everyone has given and received! I love the way your new tea cup sits up on little feet!

  5. Hi Jo, thank you again for all the wonderful delights you sent. I'm still in awe - I just love everything. Thank you for commenting on my blog, now I know that you have one too. So glad you enjoyed the tea cup exchange, it is such a pleasure to take part in this. I'm always excited for the next one. I love everything you received from Linda, she definitely spoiled you with sweet treasures. Her wrapping was beautiful.

  6. OH MY!! What a wonderful package! The cup and saucer is one of my favorites I've see so far - I love the footed cups. That lace pouch and the way everything was wrapped - I can see why you'd find it hard to take it all apart. I love the mercury glass candles too!

  7. So good for you to have done this for the first time. I meant too...and missed it but I plan on being a part next time. Wonderful fun.

  8. Lindo. Feliz semana. Cumprimentos.

  9. Hello again Jocelyne,
    I am so glad that you enjoyed your first tea cup swap and happy to be part of it. I have participated in many and enjoy it more and more each time! It was a lot of fun shopping for you and it's always wonderful to meet new friends with similar tastes, or (tea cup)addictions, whatever you wanna call it. I hope you enjoy using your new tea cup! So glad you decided to join in. I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog....Take care, hugs, Linda

  10. I'm late to come for a visit but must say that it was great fun to see what you received. It's only my second time to take part and, like you, I've loved every minute.


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