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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why I Like Fall best

There are so many reasons why Autumn is my favorite. 
 I'm sure I'm not the only one and definitely not the only one that's posting about it right now!  But I'm sharing anyway because that's what on my mind!  One of my reasons is because the weather gets cooler, although it's been pretty chilly here in the mornings already.  It has rained almost everyday this month and a lot in July.  It's overcast and even foggy this morning.  I see people walking in the park with hoods on, it's chilly! Not complaining, just saying. 
(The leaves on this 40 year old American Elm are getting lighter...)

 My others reasons include the flavors - Apple Pies and Pumpkin everything.  The smells, homemade soup in the crockpot, the already mentioned apple pies and pumpkin spice and new crayons.  You know what I'm talking about.  The beautiful sights of the trees turning.   Are you feeling it yet?

(This is from couple of years ago ... a trail in Vail, Co)
I love all of these things but my number one reason why Fall is my favorite - is the getting back to routines, school schedules and the to do lists that get done.   We are so excited to be freed from most of that for the summer months, and yet we so look forward to settling back into those routines come late summer.  Getting back to business if you will.  If even just for a short time because once the holidays come around it kind of throws us off anyway.

I used to think it was the colors, the weather, the flavors, but as I've gotten older I realize it is the need for stability in my life.  For schedulng, for alarm clocks (dare I say), for days of just getting things done!  It's also reality check time for me.  Getting back to budgeting, to exercise routines, to watching what I'm eating, to working - LOL. 

 It's not all boring and business though, I have a Fall Bucket List, full of fun things (to me anyway.)  You can have a copy of mine or make one for yourself.  I'm also sharing a recipe for Apple Betty that was given to me by a dear friend long ago.  It will fill your kitchen with some wonderful smells and get you right in the mood to change up your decor!     Enjoy the attached and more than ever, enjoy your fall season!

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