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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3 ways to stop flying by the seat of your pants - Part 1

  This is a 3-part series.  If you are so inclined you can read the rest of this article here (Part 2) and here.  I hope you do, because these are just little tips that helped me along life’s way.   See I’m a wife and a mom to 4 daughters, 3 son-in-loves, 2 nieces, and 9 grands.   I’ve also held a full time job, along with a side business and volunteer work!  I KNOW what it is like to FLY by the SEAT of my Pants!   Is everything perfect now?  No.  No way.  I’m still working at it.   So if you feel overwhelmed, come along with me…let’s see if we can fix this together my friend. 

Start using a planning system - I know you've tried this before.  And in your determination to finally land your plane it took you all day to organize your board, your planner, your to do list.   Everything had to match and be perfect and you were so proud of how it looked.   You were ready to conquer the world!  Remember looking up from that project and noticed it was 30 minutes until HE would be home from work and the kids were sitting in front of the television eating cereal out the box, in their diapers and pajamas.  You were not together either and the flying began again.  So this time, instead of running to the office supply store, go to your stash pile of stuff and pull out a piece of paper.  I know you have one, if not several!  Remember, I've been there! Write down one thing you have to do today.  This will be the beginning of your system.  It could be as simple as taking a shower and getting it together girl!  

Or as time consuming as grocery shopping. (But don't do the kind of grocery shopping that requires research, clipping and organizing.  Not yet.  Not this time. Just get some groceries in the house already! Do make a quick menu and list however, and stick to it, or else it could just add to your chaos! That is a whole  other post!) So whatever that one thing is, after you've written it down, go do it Seriously.  Whatever it takes.  You will feel so accomplished afterwards.  Disclaimer - If it was grocery shopping, you might be exhausted, accomplished but exhausted.  Especially if all of the kids went with - get some easy peasy dinner fixings for tonight!    

I use the Happy Planner...If you're ready for a planner I suggest this one.  You can find it at Amazon here:  Happy Planner

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