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Monday, June 13, 2016

White Treasures

 I don't know what it is that attracts me to White.  I'm certainly drawn to it whenever I'm treasure hunting or just out an about.   Smooth shiny whites like tea pots and ironstone and textured, frilly whites, like flowers, fabrics, and lace.  I love white lace.
I love shabby chippy whites too.  Like this staircase. This has been the favored spot of many family pictures.   (Though I admit it does need a new coat of white paint at this point, don't you think?  It looks kind of unsteady.)

I really like white flowers, like these snowballs.  They don't last a long time so every year I take pictures of them in bloom so I can enjoy them longer.   I also have a white lilac bush that didn't bloom this year? (Sad face emoji here) and I have a champagne rose bush that has little buds on it.  

 So naturally when I was out treasure hunting this past weekend my eye was drawn to these two beauties.   Two different yard sales and great deals I must say.
 This is a hand knit 60" by 80" afghan.  It has come apart just a little on a seam so I will be fixing that.  Someone put a lot of work into this beautiful piece of art.  It is soft and warm.  Just lovely.
This is a queen size polka dot chenille bedspread.   There are no manufacturer tags on it so I can't tell if it's vintage or newer.  It is in great shape however, with fringes on three sides.  It too is just beautiful.   I will eventually have to take these to the Market but for now I just want to look at them, and run my hands over their texture.  If I could keep them, I would.
Do you like whites?   


  1. I'm so happy you visited me, Jocelyn! I'm trying to FOLLOW YOU AGAIN (lost a lot of my sites for some reason) but it's not letting me. I'll try again tomorrow. Bless you, friend. Thank you for not forgetting me! <3 Rebecca

    1. It may be my site that is not letting you follow me again. Please let me know if you continue to have troubles with it.


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