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Monday, November 2, 2015

I have an addiction...

I do.  I do.   I am addicted to junking.  I stop at every Goodwill in town (4 of them) and at least 2 of the 4 ARC Thrift Stores at least once per month.  I chase garage sale signs.  You would laugh if you could hear the goings on inside my head!   I try to resist and just tell myself I have PLENTY of Stuff at home and that I should Go shop in my own Garage already!   Well today Goodwill won!   At first I wasn't finding anything and I thought that was okay.  Until I spotted these:

Universal Ballerina Rose Plates.  There are four dinner size plates.  I got all excited and begin searching through all of the dishes as I didn't want to miss one piece.  I thought what if I find a matching cup & saucer!  I did not.  Here is the stamp on the back of these plates: 

I would have been happy to just bring home one of them!  They are so pretty!

While looking for more of the Rose plates I found these two Vintage French Arcoroc Pink Glass plates.  I was happy with my Goodwill finds, but drove away feeling like I need to work on this "addiction."   Next time I'll shop in my own Garage!

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