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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shabby Candlesticks

I love these shabby candlesticks.  I originally bought them to re-sell but...

They go so well in my living room!  These are not vintage.  They came from Hobby Lobby at the end of a season and were marked 90% off the original price, I guess because they were a little "banged up."   Perfectly "banged up" in my opinion. 


Same with this pair.  They were really a good deal.   Funny how we do that.  We always tell each other of our "great deals" don't we?  We don't ever say "it was so expensive!"  Like when you have a new blouse and your friend likes it, usually our answer includes something like "and it was on sale!"
(Just a random thought that popped in my head while I was typing this.)

This candlestick was originally a bronze-y color.  I sprayed it white and really liked it, especially because of its height.  As you can see, I kept it too.

Just some beautiful pink roses.  Please remember to "stop and smell the roses" today.  Life is a treasure and we should treat it as such.   Hug someone.  Share love.  Visit with someone you haven't seen in awhile.

I am joining the following blog parties:
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  1. Really nice candlesticks! And congratulations on your French!

  2. Pretty candlesticks, Jocelyne! I sometimes do that too (keep something that was intended to be sold)
    Thank you again for visiting me and following. I'm following you as well, now :)

    Jeanette @ Creating A Life

  3. Love the candlesticks my friend. YUM!

    Now...how do you have music? I thought all the PlayLists were gone???


    1. I had an old blog that had the music and I just copied the link. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did. I haven't tried to add anything - I don't want to mess with it you know? Don't know how long it will last either:(

  4. A little banged up just means a bang up good deal! Yes, we all enjoy sharing our good fortune. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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