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Saturday, January 12, 2013

One step back, three steps forward!

Soooo.......I know I said I would be waiting for a new desk to replace my humungo one, and when that happened I would be painting my room.   Wellllll,  the desk I wanted was on sale and I casually mentioned it to my DH (Dear Husband, for those who don't know.)
Old L-shaped desk with overflowing hutch
Did I ever tell you he can be so spontaneous!  Seriously.  It was Wednesday, after work and before church.  He says, "lets go to Office Depot and get that desk you want."  I'm like "right now?"  He's like "Ya, we'll get it, go to church and then come home and unload it."    So off we went.   In the truck I reminded him of his promise to paint when we get a new desk. He tells me to go get the paint tomorrow and we'll do it this weekend.   I was excited but a little bit stressed out by it all.  I mean I was just starting to get the craft side of the room all together and the thought of taking all of it down, shelves and all, was just overwhelming.
See the old paint color?  Salmon or something!
Friday came, I was supposed to make a bunch of lavender sachets for my booth, tag a couple of dozen items and go to the marketplace to work on my booth.  But life happened and the only things I accomplished were taking the bagged and tagged lace to my booth, then going to the grocery store.  While I was out, DH came home from work (early) and dismantled my craft room/home office.  When I got home the big desk was out of there!  I didn't even get a pic to show you it's 6 x 6 size in the this little room!
New desk, shelf and bulletin board.
We were up until 1:00 a.m.  painting this little 10' x 12' room.  Have you ever done that?  Stayed up way too late painting?  It's not the first time for us.
Loving this Adobe Pink paint color.  The other Venetian Lace I picked out  first was too white.
The next morning I started putting everything back together while my sweetie built the desk, bookshelf and  made a bulletin board using a thrift store frame we painted a while back.
New bulletin board made from a  painted thrift store picture frame and cork board
It's exciting isn't it?  And it's a mess.  There is still stuff in the hallway outside of this room and a few things in my bedroom.   I'm in need of another empty box for donations!  Having to take everything down and then putting it back was like taking a step backwards.  But, the paint and new furniture are three steps forward.  I really wasn't planning on getting a desk and painting until later this year.  I'll be done with this room before you know it and will show you all of the little details on my next couple of posts.    


  1. Wow! That's a great way to get things accomplished!♥♫

  2. It looks great and I am sure you will really enjoy it!

    Thanks for your visit today.I put my blog name on in picasa and I do each one seperately so I am sure there is a better way but it works for now.

    Take care,

  3. I found you through 2 Bags Full and am Following now!!

    ~ Darlene


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