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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Identity Crisis? - NOT

I have finally been able to name my blog, my pinterest and my boutique the name that I have wanted for a long time.   All variations of it were taken, except the English/French combination.  "My Little Chou Chou."  I took it!   I jumped on it!  With a lump in my throat even.

When I was growing up my nickname was Chou Chou.  My family,  family friends, neighbors, even the mailman called me that!  My mom's neighbors still do!  I am almost 50 for goodness sake!  In France it was, and still is, acceptable.  But in the 70's, here in the U.S., it was just weird.   My friends wanted to know why in the world my name was Shoe Shoe!  When people saw it in writing they pronounced it Chow Chow.  There were many days I would come home from school crying and feeling a little weird.  Mom would tell me it is a good name, it means you are favored, my pet, my cabbage, my cream puff.   "Mon Petit Chou, you are favored," she would tell me.   At 8 years old I was all  "Wanhhhhh"  I want a new name!

Fast forward 40 years and I wanted my old name back!  And I got it!  In a different way, but it's mine. (My dear honey says he won't call me that, it's too weird. Whatever!)  I had been struggling for over a year on what to name my boutique.  I had prayed about it and waited.  This came to me suddenly and I just felt it to be so right.   My Boutique here in Colorado Springs is now called Mon Petit Chou Chou.  It is located in the American Classics Marketplace , 1850 N. Academy Blvd.   (Nothing like a little self-promotion right?!)  I create and sell Romantic, Cottage, Shabby, Vintage and Frenchy things.  I blog about it here.


  1. Chou Chou!!! I love it, it was meant to be! Good luck on the dress form drawing and I am so glad you will be joining in!


  2. The right name makes all the difference in the world... you've got a good one :-) cute!

  3. Hi, This post just appeared on my blog list 19 hours ago which would be Saturday, Jan. 12. When reading it, it sounded familiar and I looked at your date at the top of the post and it says Jan. 5. I thought you might find this info interesting because of your earlier email regarding things. Hope it is all good now! Stay warm-I'm ready to snuggle into bed and read!♥♫

    1. Thank you Marilyn for trying to help me figure this out! Maybe blogger is now re-directing. It seems like everything is all good now. (Except the LinkWithin widget - it's not picking up anything. If anyone knows anything about that let me know.)


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