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Friday, January 25, 2013

Craft side of the Room - Done!

Warning this post has a lot of pictures!  I hope I don't bore you with it all.  I am just so proud of my new, clean, organized crafting space that I just want to show it off, oops, I meant show you!

This is what it looked like before!  What a sight.  It was no wonder I couldn't get anything done.  And no, this was not a "staged" photo.  I just thought if I posted it like it was for all the world to see then maybe it would light a fire under my bum to get it done!  It worked. The rest of the before and during pics you can see here, here and here

Everything has a home now.  I have labeled most of my boxes and bins.  The hat boxes on the top shelf have hats in them! (What a clever idea!  Little sarcasm there!)
I like the clear bins because I can see whats in 'em.  They are still labeled though, glue guns, ribbon, etc.  

The three stacked boxes and the two hat boxes on the shelf are full of lace.  (I do still have lace to put away, or use up, or sell as is) 

Small organizer drawers filled with scrabble letters and boxes and wood "books" waiting for makeovers. 

Buttons, beads, lavender, crystals and other trinkets for getting creative with.

And more buttons and thread!

Patterns and an old sewing machine drawer.  It too is waiting for a little TLC. 

I keep more buttons in the drawer, old and new, what are keeping in yours?

Vintage patterns and lingerie boxes. 

Flowers for using, a couple more sewing machine drawers (these are empty) and a box full of reproduction Victorian ephemera. 

A drawer full of ribbon.

My hoard of Cheese boards with lids and wooden candle holders.  Bet you know what will become of these.  I have labeled the drawers of my cabinets too, I just didn't want to take it over the top and show all those pics too.  You might have closed out of my blog my now!

Here's a view of the corner where my sweet honey hung a peg board for me.  Also have a small ironing board and more thread.  My sewing machine is in the cabinet at the bottom right of picture and above the thread is shadow box of vintage sewing notions that I made a few years ago.  It includes buttons from a coat my mom made for me when I was a little girl.  

This is the corner by the door.  Easy enough to move the stool so I can get into the cabinet if needed.  And one of 3 mannequins that I use.  This one is size adjustable.

The month of  February I will be organizing my paperwork and the other side of this room, my home office.  I can't wait to get started.  The reason I chose to do the craft room first was because it bothered me the most.  It was also the biggest organizing project in the house and the rest will be easy compared to this.  (Except my closet, but that's for another day!)  Thanks for hanging in there through this whole post.  I enjoy your comments!

I'm linking this post to IHeart Organizing monthly challenge.  Go there and really get inspired!


  1. Great job! It looks like a wonderful place to create.

  2. I am absolutely amazed and so wanting to copy your work! So what am I doing? Just sitting here drooling. Now to get going... . Have a great weekend and when can you come work for me?♥♫

  3. It looks fantastic!! You have been hard at work and it definitely shows :)


  4. Your craft room is great! Love the cabinets and shelves. More storage that way.

  5. Hello Jocelyn, Thank you for showing that organization is possible when you set your mind to it! I am always envious of people who actually get it done and then are able to enjoy it. I just can't seem to get mine ship -shape and have it stay that way for more than a day. I am a messy crafter! ' High Five' to you for a beautiful and manageable work room. I'm sure it will be a pleasure for you to create in!


  6. wow!!! it looks amazing...boy do I NEED to do this!!!!

  7. You have done a great job, I have a room for my crafting-scrapping mostly, it is in a turret and call it my turret room, packed, then my sewing machine is in a hallway. I really enjoy the tour, look forward to more. I have a pile of ribbon, like you have and can't figure out what to do with it, to make it handy, right now it's store in a box, but like a dowel board of some kind. Checked out Martha Stewart one, but it was more for wrapping paper. Thank you for sharing your room. Loved, loved loved it.

    1. The ribbon is in a sock drawer organizer I found at a Target store. It fit perfectly in the drawer.


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