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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Craft Room/Home Office Organization Continues

Making Progress.  Still a lot of sorting and decluttering going on.   This is half of the fabric.  I'm sorting by color, which can be challenging because I have a lot of prints.  I'm not sure this is going to fit in the cabinet and drawer I have designated for it.   I've got to figure that out, or get rid of more. 
I would like to see my donate pile get bigger!  There was more than this. Daughter number 2 came over today and took a whole box.  She said "I'm having fun",  I said "as long as you are not cluttering up your house with all this stuff!"  I took the first load to the Goodwill yesterday.  The sooner you get the clutter out of the house, the better.  If you wait too long you'll end up pulling something back out of the pile. (Ask me how I know this!)   Besides the donations to GW, and my girls,  I have filled up two 13 gal trash bags with trash so far.
Did I mention that I am trying to do this without spending any too much money.   These drawer organizers were a Christmas gift from my youngest and I know I have all the boxes, bins and baskets I need, for this room anyway.   I have had to keep myself from going to Target and get the drawer organizers that I saw used  here on Pinterest.   Nice, huh?  I can wait until later for those.

I couldn't wait for a new office chair however.   The one I had was huge - it matched my humongous desk.   As soon as I told DH I didn't want it anymore, he gave it away!  Then he went to Staples and bought me this little polka dot task chair.  It's cute enough as is but...

I added this lace applique to the top.  What do you think? 

 Here is a sneak peak at what is going on on the craft side of the room.  I'm loving the way these glass jars are looking all filled up, and the fact that all of my supplies are coming together.  I did not realize how much thread I have.  Or lace.  Or buttons.  Or beads.  

I go back to work Thursday, January 3.   I hope to get the fabric situation situated before then.  I will then start working on the home office side and hopefully do a little crafting!  I get so distracted looking at all of this stuff, I just want to open my sewing machine up and get busy.  I also have to go tend to my booth at the Market Place.  Take down Christmas displays and start Valentines.   Here is a post about last year's Valentines booth.  Exciting.  I will post again Monday to let you know how things are going!

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