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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Word for this year ~ ORGANIZE

NO!  This is not an episode of Hoarders!  It is my craft room/home office!  
When did I get so out of control?  Was it this past year when I fed my garage sale, thrift store, estate sale addiction, A LOT! 
 Was it 2011 when I rented a bigger booth and needed to fill it up (I already needed a bigger booth because of the stuff I was hoarding collecting!)  
Was it 2009 when I had a crazy thought that I could start my own business and rent a space in the Marketplace?  (All the while working full time, teaching teenagers how to drive, leading ministry, taking care of home... etc, etc.)   Well something had to give right?    I guess it was this.   I promise the rest of my house does not look this way (except 1/2 of the garage!).    Whenever we had to "clean up real quick because company's coming"  the answer was "put it in the office, we'll deal with it later."   Well.....

It's Later.   It's time.   My very, probably overly, ambitious goal for 2013 is to Organize My Home again!  I am starting with this room.   This one that I unashamedly posted on my blog for all of my 44 followers to see, and for whoever else wants to play a game of I SPY in my Craft Room/Home Office.  LOL!  Seriously,  can you spy a cup of coffee, John 15:12,  3 vintage sewing machine drawers, a blue monster, a black wire mannequin and FLYLADY.  (She would probably be sad if she saw this, except that I am making this room "My Shining Sink")  If you don't know what that is you'll have to read her book.  

I've already started the decluttering process.  Come along with me as I organize my home in 2013.  I already have a schedule made out but because I don't want to bore you with the long post, I will post that next, along with the progress I've already made.  

What are you hoping to accomplish this coming new year?  


  1. Truth is, I have a basement that looks very similar. AND, so does my bedroom! I'm retiring after 39 years of teaching, so my goal is to get my house and garage back in shape. Except I have 5 more months of school, so I have to get my classroom cleaned out first! But I am not hauling it all downstairs, one reason why my house is looking like I'm moving. I need your inspiration! Keep us posted on your progress.♥♫

  2. I am so glad to see I am not the only one that "sometimes" gets a cluttered craft room :) It seems like I will clean and organize my craft room and in a day it's a mess again.
    The fun world of crafting. Anyway, I look forward to seeing and hearing about your progress.
    Happy Weekend!


  3. Can't wait to see your progress. I will be in organize / declutter mode after the holidays. After being in our house for 12 years, it's time "lighten" up a bit. My hubby's a keeper and it pains him to get rid of "stuff". That's where I come in. I hope I can get some pointers from you.

  4. Great word for the New Year! I'm stilling thinking about my word...
    however I do want to "de-clutter" and "down-size" some of my "stuff"
    Happy New Year!

  5. You certainly not alone, it seems, organizing and decluttering is on everyone's list this year...It certainly is on mine. The other thing is I have forbid myself from going to any sales until I get my inventory paired down! We will keep each other posted!! Good luck! and Happy New Year



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