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Friday, December 28, 2012

Craft Room Declutter

I started decluttering on Christmas night! I had asked my honey for a couple of new cabinets and uninterrupted time to organize my space for Christmas.  He happily obliged.  And he even helped move stuff out of here once I got through the initial decluttering (I could hear FLYLADY telling me "you can't organize clutter".  She is so right!)

Here is a picture of the initial decluttering.  It's at the top of the stairs so we can grab some and take it with us  every time we go down.  The sooner it's out the door, the better.  (All 4 of my girls have rescued at least one thing ~ I'm afraid I've taught them bad habits!)  There will be much more than this being donated.

Thursday morning I got up early, got myself together, made my bed and picked up my room.  It's a good thing because at 7:10 a.m. the utilities department came ringing the doorbell saying they had turn off the water because of a broken pipe in our cul-de-sac.  No matter, I was together.  I made coffee and filled up a couple of water pitchers for the day and begin moving things in to my bedroom so we could have room to work.

Here are the new cabinets. We took a tall cabinet out of  here and put it in the laundry room.  Which is great because we needed more storage in there. We didn't paint because the humongous L-Shaped desk on the other side of the room is too hard to move and we plan on replacing it soon anyway so why move it twice?  When we do, He promised that we will get rid of the orangey, melony walls in here (what was I thinking 10 years ago?) and paint it Vienna Lace Pink.  (Yup I had already picked out the color and have a sample jar on my desk.)

Later on, maybe this year, maybe next, I would love to have upper cabinets.  For now we are just going to extend the shelves to the end of the cabinets.   I took all of this stuff down and we added the shelves.

No, this isn't just a random picture.  It is a picture of things to come.  As I was moving things out I put  some of my lace in this hatbox and though it was oh so pretty together.  I am so excited.  I have been making lace boards and will show you those soon.  In the meantime, here is my schedule of organization for the year!  Yup, I said year!   It will take that long because I don't want to "crash and burn".  So slow and steady and I will see it all done.

January - Craft Room (It's also my home office - so craft side this month and the rest next month)
February - Home Office & Paperwork
March - Master Bedroom and hallway (my hallway has a linen closet and big chest of drawers for - stuff)
April - Bathrooms (x4) and Laundry Room. ( My girls will do their own baths and I will do 2)
May - Kitchen & Pantry
June - Outdoors, Shed & Garage
July - Living Room and Dining Room
August - Family Room
September - Sunroom
October - Christmas & Seasonal Storage
November - Rest of basement
December - ? Me?

You are welcome to come along with me and organize your home too, using my calendar.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Word for this year ~ ORGANIZE

NO!  This is not an episode of Hoarders!  It is my craft room/home office!  
When did I get so out of control?  Was it this past year when I fed my garage sale, thrift store, estate sale addiction, A LOT! 
 Was it 2011 when I rented a bigger booth and needed to fill it up (I already needed a bigger booth because of the stuff I was hoarding collecting!)  
Was it 2009 when I had a crazy thought that I could start my own business and rent a space in the Marketplace?  (All the while working full time, teaching teenagers how to drive, leading ministry, taking care of home... etc, etc.)   Well something had to give right?    I guess it was this.   I promise the rest of my house does not look this way (except 1/2 of the garage!).    Whenever we had to "clean up real quick because company's coming"  the answer was "put it in the office, we'll deal with it later."   Well.....

It's Later.   It's time.   My very, probably overly, ambitious goal for 2013 is to Organize My Home again!  I am starting with this room.   This one that I unashamedly posted on my blog for all of my 44 followers to see, and for whoever else wants to play a game of I SPY in my Craft Room/Home Office.  LOL!  Seriously,  can you spy a cup of coffee, John 15:12,  3 vintage sewing machine drawers, a blue monster, a black wire mannequin and FLYLADY.  (She would probably be sad if she saw this, except that I am making this room "My Shining Sink")  If you don't know what that is you'll have to read her book.  

I've already started the decluttering process.  Come along with me as I organize my home in 2013.  I already have a schedule made out but because I don't want to bore you with the long post, I will post that next, along with the progress I've already made.  

What are you hoping to accomplish this coming new year?  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dinners, Plays & Parties

Just a quick post to let you know I haven't totally disappeared!  November started with a Craft Fair and it just got really really crazy after that.   I didn't sell one thing at the craft fair, but my girl did.   You can see her post here.   I just didn't have my "stuff" together enough to participate like I wanted, so I went to help Natti.   Next time (year) will be better for me.  That was followed by a Thanksgiving Dinner for 2000!   My other daughter, myself and a good friend oversaw the kitchen.   To tell you that it took up all of my time is an understatement.  It was wonderful, and hard, and busy, and worth it, and I would do it again!  You can click on the link above to read about it.   That was had on November 16.   The following Monday, I lost my brother in law to cancer.  That was Thanksgiving week.  We didn't have his memorial or service until the week after.  May he rest in peace.  

 I do not do black friday, so that day was mostly spend in PJ's and making gifts to give to my "letter lady" ministry partners. I made these star sachets.  To see the inspiration for them go here.   I fell in love with Viola's Christmas Star Ornaments.
  When I can I'm making some for myself!  
  The tag came from Antique Images 

 So now I am in the final week of practice for the Gospel According to Scrooge!   I made my own hat and costume.   I will post very soon about that and show you pictures.   
Happy Wednesday!     

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