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Friday, October 12, 2012

~~~~~~Painted Vanity Set~~~~~~

This sweet vanity used to be mine.  I got it from the Goodwill when we were first married.  I passed it down to one of my older daughters and she passed it down to her younger sister.  Time (and makeup, nail polish, nail polish remover, cups of Kool Aid, coffee, markers...) took it's toll on this much loved piece of furntiure.  It was time to buy our girl a new bedroom set and put this one in the garage for a future makeover.

 I'm still not used to taking before pics but at least I remembered to take this one before it was totally too late.  We had already taken off the mirror and drawers and started sanding like crazy (well, He did anyway!)   

I decided on satin finish black. I absolutely love the smooth, classic appearance it gives.  I lined the drawers with this popular damask patterned paper and covered the bench cushion with left over damask fabric from our girl's room makeover. 

We found the bench at a yard sale in a "free" pile.  It was broken, but not too broken for my fix-it man.  I said "oh no the leg is broken"  He said "what, that crack?  No big deal.  I'll fix it"   I said "Okay then, Go for it!"
  And he DID!  Nice! 

The nightstand we found at another yard sale for 5 bucks.   They don't all really match but now that they are painted the same you can't tell. 

When he finished painting all the pieces, my girls oohed and awwed over it.

Not being totally mean parents we asked if they wanted it back in trade for their new stuff and they declined.  So it went to my booth (my plan all along anyway)  just in time for fall decorating.  I think the black goes so well with amber glass and other fall accents.

And here's a peek at my booth, and if you look close you can see
my fix-it man in the background, fixing something I'm sure....  
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  1. I have yet to get down your way for a visit. This past summer was just too hot for me to feel like going anywhere! I've decided to retire in May and will have more time for a bit of travel. And you are just within my comfort zone for a car trip! I'm basically happy at home.

    Your girls gave up a neat set--but this looks great in your booth space. Someone will have a nice looking set!♥♫

  2. Your booth looks fantastic! I generally do not like black, but my daughter loves it so I have painted my fair share of black furniture. It does look nice with fall stuff.

    Thanks for the compliments on my angel wings tutorial. If you make some I hope you will show me! Have a great day--Sandy


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