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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Banner swap

Fall Banner Swap

I participated in a FALL Banner Swap hosted by Deb at Garage Sale Gal.    My partner was Dianne from Utah.    She stuffed a box full of great fall items and made the awesome banner that is now hanging on my fireplace mantel
    It is so wonderful.   (I'm afraid the banner I sent to her pales in comparison!)
Look at the stitching detail on this. 
 I think this looks great on my mantel - like she knew!
She even sent this Autumn Blessings scarecrow that I have already hung on my
 front door to greet my guests. 

Also in the box (that I immediately tore into like it was Christmas or something!) 
 was all of this neat stuff.   Espresso cups and saucers, a box of variety of teas,
a painted rock and a bag of stamping stuff that she put together.

There's also two beautiful orange towels, you can see a part of them here.   
    She even included my initials on the stamp bag tie. So cool! 
 You can see the bag of carmel apple filled candies has already been opened!
   Love this new Werther's flavor.
   THANK YOU, Dianne!  I love everything you sent.   Dianne doesn't have a blog so I'm sharing what I sent to Dianne here.

 Here is the banner I made and sent to Dianne.

I filled her box with ceramic pumpkins, fall themed stickers, a Colorado Mug and Apple Cider.  I also sent her some Bronco socks!  She said that she loves that it is football season and I'm a Bronco fan.  I don't know if she is...
 Sorry about the dark pictures.    Dianne likes Carmel Apples so I found a Carmel Apple scented candle to send to her.  I included some pretty kitchen towels and a bag of Werther's Carmel Apple filled candies.  (She sent me some too!)
Since Dianne likes Thanksgiving as much as I do, I included an amber glass deviled egg plate.  I have one that I use every Thanksgiving and really like how it goes with the autumn colors.

And lastly, I put as much of this as I could in a basket that says Autumn Blessings - like the scarecrow she gave me.   Isn't that something? 

I had so much fun putting this together for her.  I can't wait for the next swap.  

Thank you Deb for hosting this fun event and Happy Fall! 


  1. WOW...WOW...WOW...you two did an AWEOME job on your Fall Banners!
    AND...all those great gifts! Looks like a great swap and Thank You, Both for joining in on the FUN!!!

  2. Okay Mom I'm following your blog now, so follow mine :)


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