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Friday, September 7, 2012

30th Anniversary Hike!

August flew by!  We had an eventful month that started with our 30th anniversary.   I really really wanted to go to PEI, but we just couldn't make that happen right now so we settled for Glenwood Springs, CO.    We live in such a beautiful State.
My sweet honey and I decided not to go shopping while in Glenwood and opted for hiking instead.  Can you believe it?   We hiked up to Hanging Lake.  These are some of the pictures that I took along the trail.   This trail is the only way to get there.   It is 1.2 miles from the trailhead to the lake.  It is all uphill - 1000 ft incline -
  there were spots that I almost gave up - like this one!   
This is last part of the hike, at the top of these stairs

You can see the canyon.   So Beautiful.   
 Still have to climb a little bit higher and then
you're there.  And so were about 100 other people!  I couldn't believe it.   Where did they all come from?  I didn't think that many people passed us on the trail.  

After resting a little while, we hiked up a little further to Spouting Rock.   The water looks like it comes right out of the rock.

We don't hike very often, so after this hike all we could do was lay around and watch tv!  It took a lot of effort to get up and go to dinner that night.   The hotel we stayed at did not offer room service otherwise I would've ordered in!

Here's the proof that we did it!  What a hot mess!  And what a way to spend a 30 year anniversary!  Love you Honey!


  1. My plan is to someday visit PEI, too!! Wow, that was quite a hike! With wishes for many more anniversaries to celebrate.♥♫

    1. Thank you Marilyn! Wouldn't that be fun if we ended up in PEI at the same time?


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