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Monday, June 18, 2012

How do you enjoy your crepe?

 How do you enjoy your crepe?  This is not the heathliest breakfast, but oh, it is oh so gooood!!!  It makes a great dessert too! (The strawberries are good for you right?)

I use the basic crepe recipe found in any decent cookbook.   This one is from ( )  The instructions say not to flip it but I've always flipped my crepes!   There is a trick to it, run a spatula around the crepe to gently loosen the crispy edge.  Using a back and forth wrist motion, gently shake the pan until the crepe is sliding a little back and forth, and using the magic words "ohh la la la la" flip the crepe in the air and viola it turns to cook the other side for about 30 seconds more.   (I couldn't get that part on camera as I am not that coordinated! )

I just love the crispy edge!  Yummy.

Just slide it on to your plate from the pan.  (There is more the one here - it kind of looks like it has ears!)   It is now ready for you embellishments!   Do you like yours sweet or savory?  I like mine sweet so I make my batter a little bit on the sweet side.   When I was growing up my all french mom, would make crepes and guess what?  We spread them with peanut butter and jelly and rolled them up like tacquitos and they were good!

 Since then I've tried many toppings.   This is one of my favorites.    Nutella!  Yummy Nutella.  It is such a big deal here now.   In the early 70's we were enjoying this in Germany.   Today I'm pairing it with strawberries,  bananas are awesome with it too!

 A little whipped cream and ohh la la - It's to die for!  


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  1. Oh this looks fabulous!! I bet I am the last person in the world that has not tried Nutella...I seem to see everyone using it lately


  2. Oh YUM! Nutella and strawberries in crepes is a favorite around here. Another favorite, it you'd like to try it, is Dickinson's Lemon Curd and fresh red raspberries.. don't forget a big dollop of whipped cream of course!


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