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Monday, June 25, 2012

********ICED SWEET TEA***********

Since June is National Iced Tea month, lets have some Iced Sweet Tea in my sunroom. 
WARNING:  This post may offend tea snobs!  I am definitely not a tea snob.  
I use everything from store brand to high end loose tea.  If I like it, I'll use it. 

I make my sweet iced tea using 8 to 10 bags of lipton tea in a 2 quarts of cold water.    I like to make my iced tea with Lipton black tea because, to me, it does not leave a bitter aftertaste.   This way of making sweet tea was taught to me by a dear sister in law from Louisiana about 30 years ago.    I have been doing it ever since.  I've tried different iced tea makers, but have always gone back to this "tried and true" method.
If I am making flavored iced tea I use 8 bags of black, if not flavored, I use 10.
Bigelow's "I Love Lemon" is awesome for lemon flavor tea.  I use just two bags of this with the 8 bags of black.  I'll add lemons slices or raspberries, or sometimes both. 
I also really like Cinnamon Sweet Tea.   I use this store brand Sweet Cinnamon Spice.
  Again just 2 bags.  Today I'm making Sweet Cinnamon Iced Tea. 
There they are all in the pan together.  Notice I have removed the paper tags.  I don't know if it would hurt, I just take them off.   Bring it to a good boil. 
Then turn off the heat and let them steep for about 20 minutes on the stove.   While that is happening I gather everything else I need and go fold a load of laundry (Miss Debbie*).
Sugar, pitcher, colander.   I use a cup of sugar and put it in the rubbermaid pitcher.  That's important. You don't want to pour almost boiling liquid into a glass pitcher (unless it's pyrex!)
Oops, not a good picture.  The colander is directly on top of the rubbermaid and the whole thing is in the sink.  Sorry you can't see that.   The colander is used to "catch the bags".   This step I added myself.   I used to fish the bags out with a slotted spoon until one day
I had a better idea, use the colander! 
This one fits perfectly on the top of the pitcher.   See the sugar on the bottom. 
I use a cup.  Some people might say "a whole cup?"  and others will say "only a cup?"  
 Make it to your liking and give a really good stir.  
The sugar melts guickly in the hot liquid. Looks strong huh?
Next add crushed ice and stir it up. 

If it's just me, I'll serve right from this pitcher.

But since you are coming over, I'll transfer it to this pretty glass pitcher.  

Here you go! Enjoy!


I left June's Tea Time Magazine for you to read while you enjoy your tea.  Here's an article about how to make iced green tea.   Yummy Yummy and good for you! 


Thanks for coming by!  I hope you enjoyed our "visit".  

*Miss Debbie is my choir director, my sister in christ, my friend, and I just learned that she reads my blog sometimes!  I am touched that you read my blog!  The little thing about "folding laundry" well, that's an inside joke.  We always have laundry to do!


I am joining the following tea parties this week: 



Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Giveaway!

Last year on my birthday I had give away.  I am a little late announcing (deciding) to do this again. I had fun last year putting together I gift to share and it went to Sandy @ http://sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.com/2011/08/tea-time-tuesday.html. I had so much fun that I want to do it again! I know I don't blog a lot ~ I do check out everyone's elses blogs though. If you would like to participate in my birthday giveaway, leave a comment. Follow me if you want too, it would be nice to have you along. If you do follow me I'll put your name in the hat twice! If you want to share the opportunity with your friends then you can post about this with a link back to my blog (You can use the button on the top right) and you'll be in the hat three times, woohoo! I don't know what the prize will be, but I'm sure it'll be something nice. Good luck to everyone - This will be quick and easy. I will have my granddaughter draw a name on June 28!

How do you enjoy your crepe?

 How do you enjoy your crepe?  This is not the heathliest breakfast, but oh, it is oh so gooood!!!  It makes a great dessert too! (The strawberries are good for you right?)

I use the basic crepe recipe found in any decent cookbook.   This one is from ( )  The instructions say not to flip it but I've always flipped my crepes!   There is a trick to it, run a spatula around the crepe to gently loosen the crispy edge.  Using a back and forth wrist motion, gently shake the pan until the crepe is sliding a little back and forth, and using the magic words "ohh la la la la" flip the crepe in the air and viola it turns to cook the other side for about 30 seconds more.   (I couldn't get that part on camera as I am not that coordinated! )

I just love the crispy edge!  Yummy.

Just slide it on to your plate from the pan.  (There is more the one here - it kind of looks like it has ears!)   It is now ready for you embellishments!   Do you like yours sweet or savory?  I like mine sweet so I make my batter a little bit on the sweet side.   When I was growing up my all french mom, would make crepes and guess what?  We spread them with peanut butter and jelly and rolled them up like tacquitos and they were good!

 Since then I've tried many toppings.   This is one of my favorites.    Nutella!  Yummy Nutella.  It is such a big deal here now.   In the early 70's we were enjoying this in Germany.   Today I'm pairing it with strawberries,  bananas are awesome with it too!

 A little whipped cream and ohh la la - It's to die for!  


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