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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jo's Girls

I know, I know, I've been away for awhile. A lot has happened! I've never really been good at keeping a journal of any kind. If you saw the one I actually write in months go by between entries. My hope this year was to get better at it. No so far. Oh well, I'm trying. 
 This is my dear Natalie, my 3rd daughter - she just graduated from high school.  So PROUD of her!  She graduated with a 4.0, and National Honor Society.   She received awards for her musical talents and commitment, even lettered in music.  I didn't know you could do that!

 These are my granddaughters.   MacKenzie is 5, she is holding her new baby sister, Analie, she is 2 weeks old in this picture and that's their cousin Audrina, who is 3.  All mine! 

Here is my oldest daughter, Monique, and the mother of the baby girl.  She and her honey also have a son.  I was trying to keep this as a post of just my girls, but that wasn't working too well. 
Because every picture I have of my girl Valerie, includes her sweet husband, Isaac.  They have 2 boys and 1 girl (Audrina, pictured above.)

And this is my baby girl, Daniella.  She is very musically talented.  She sings and plays piano.  She is a junior this year.   

So, see, I have been very busy! I have a house full of girls (most of the time anyway!)   I didn't mean for my post to go in the this direction, I was really wanting to show you my flowers!   But if I talk about one girl, I end up talking about all of them.   They are a huge part of me after all.  And, I can't, after all this posting about my family, leave out my grandsons!  

It was hard to get the three of them to stay still for a picture of just them!  You can see the ornery-ness in this pic!  There they are all 6 of my grandkids. 
 And if you're still here after all the family photos, I'd like to show you what is growing along the garden path.  This is Jackmanii Clematis that I have been training to grow up the side of our huge deck.  They are getting there as you can from the picture. 

 I am able to see the blooms from the deck side now as well.

I've also been training this climbing rose bush.  It has reached the top this year, but after pruning back the dead it looks a little sparse.   It will fill up again, this is one hardy rose bush.  Really.  When we moved into this house, 10 years ago, it was coming up in a pile of lava rocks, with plastic underneath.  The roots were long and white and I thought why not plant it in fertile ground to see what would happen.   Well you see here what happened!

 Here's another rose bush.  These are long stem yellow roses.  OMGoodness, they are beautiful and smell soooooo good.   I cut them and brought them in the house before I took the picture. 

 And last, but not least, this is a long stem pink rose bush.   I transplanted this one from the middle of the yard, 10 years ago,  I had not seen it bloom until this year!  What a treat!  We were about to get rid of it. 

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