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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Vintage/Shabby/Romantic Booth

Come on in!  I’ve been working two jobs lately.  The one I get paid for (employment counseling for young adults) and the one I love…  my booth.
Look around.  I have all kinds of things for sale.  Some I made, like this valentine apron.
Some I just painted,  like this metal picture frame with the rose picture.    These are just like Polka Dot Closet – Carol inspires me, if you haven't already you should check her out!   I finally got my hands on heirloom white paint.  It is absolutely the white I’ve been looking for.  
And the rose pics come from an Avon Calendar that I have,  just like hers too!  I used think of myself as a Blog Butterfly – just quietly visiting everyone’s blog.   But now I think of myself as more of a Blog Bee.  I go from one beautiful blog to another, picking up pollen (your creative inspirations, tutorials, freebies, etc.)  and then bring them back to my own beehive and combine it with my creativity.  I hope that doesn't offend anyone. 
I put together some valentine sayings with scrabble tiles – they’re selling like hotcakes!  If you click on the picture it should get bigger so you can see it better.
I made some valentine-y ornaments.  I just put some pink lace and ribbons in glass ornaments I picked up on clearance.
A few items I’ve found while out junkin’.  This yellow wall has got to go.   Don’t get me wrong – I like yellow, it is the color of the entry to my home.   But in my booth it’s all wrong.  I have a plan to paint it sage green soon.  Maybe during spring break. 

The red wall too.  It almost feels like ketchup and mustard.  It doesn’t go well with my shabby/vintage/romantic style very well.
Here are some pink embellished hangers that I made.  I bought a 6 pack of wooden hangers from Walmart and some ballerina pink spray paint.  Then added some embellishments.  We’ll see if someone else will like them too.   I also painted and glittered the wooden heart cutouts.  I bought those at Michael's Craft Store.
I  didn’t  take pictures of these shelves, or the stuff on top.  Aren't you glad I didn't bore you with that too?   And last, but certainly not least, is this beautiful vintage reproduction of a victorian settee.   I got it for a good price at the Goodwill just before Christmas, brought it home, cleaned it up and put it here just before New Year’s.   I hope it sells soon, I have other big pieces that I'm working on to take its place.    Thanks for visiting my booth.    It is located at the American Classics Marketplace, 1815 N. Academy Blvd., Booth A14, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. 


  1. Your booth is fabulous!!! I would love to have that much space! People love the white frames, I can't believe you have the Avon calender too. I don't use the originals I just copy onto unglossy (Is that a word?) photo paper and save the original to reuse. Thank you for the shout out! I had one other person say they could not comment and some can??? Go figure, it is blogger because I have not made any changes, I heard that it was happening to other blogs too. Like everything else on blogger it will probably just work it's self out!


  2. I'd love to drop by your booth this summer. I think this coming summer is going to be for me...no broken arm, no hospital, no wedding to plan. Summer goes too fast, but I should have time for a short vacation!!♥♫


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