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Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Dressed Up for Valentine’s Day

First of all I want all of you to see that I did clean up my dining room table!  I can’t believe I put that picture on my blog!  I’ve been tempted to delete it for the sheer embarassment of it LOL! 

Well see, it doesn’t always look like that.  Most of the time it looks like this.   But sometimes, after a few Goodwill or Estate Sale runs or Crafting Frenzies, it looks like, well, that picture!  My office/craft room is not big enough for me and my stuff so it does spill over to the dining room, or “tea” room as my friends refer it.   
Its all “done up” for Valentine’s Day. 

I put my four black tea cups together for a different look on this shelf.  I should’ve taken a better picture.  If you click on the top pic it should enlarge enough for you to see the whole shelf.  The valentine card here was given to me by my Sweet William a couple of years ago.  I display it every year along with the others you see in these photos.
Sorry about the glare on this valentine card.  It is adorable.
This beautiful old card was given to my mother-in-law by one of husband’s brothers sometime in the 60’s.  Somehow I inherited it.  Not complaining, I love that I have it. 
Watch out!  There’s cupid ready let his arrow go…
Straight to these lovers hearts!  Just reminded myself of that song by I think Tony Orlando?  You know  “Cupid draw back your bow-oo, and let your arrow go straight to my lovers heart for me…”    LOL!  Geez, I’m soooo corny!
Here’s the tea spoon lady, she’s looking for a Valentine too.

Another playful cherub.  Some of my cherubs stay around all year long.
   Others get packed away after February. 
I like this fairy.  She goes well with the Valentine décor.  The cherub here is one that stays all year round.  You’ll see them from time to time in different posts.
And,  look what my mom made for me.   I sell her crochet doilies in my booth.    Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek around my “tea” room.    I am linking up with My Romantic Home Show and Tell Friday and Valentine's Week Linky Party.


  1. Messy tables are the norm for me...it's just me in the house so I don't worry about it until someone is coming. Then I panic!♥♫


  2. http://www.agaphcia.blogspot.com/

  3. Your Valentine's Day decorations are so lovely. I especially like the doily that your mom made. It's so pretty.


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