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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tea Time Tuesday–a few more roses

There is nothing better than to enjoy a late afternoon tea after a long day at work.

Today I am serving Rose Petal tea in my Pink Rose Teapot.  See the rosebud on the lid?  I do adore this teapot.   (But not the tea towel I left hanging on the chair! LOL! I wondered where it went!)

And I made some really quick nutella crescent rolls to enjoy with our tea.   I just spread Nutella on  Pillsbury Crescent Rolls before I rolled them and baked them.  Yum Yum.   Chocolate and Roses.  We can't get enough over here. 


I served them on this pastry keeper that I made from a fat wooden candlestick and a cheesekeeper with a wood base.   I glued the two pieces together, spray painted them white, added beads and a little bling, put the glass lid on it and there it is.   Not bad huh?  I thought it turned out pretty cute.


I hope you enjoyed your visit today.  Thank you for stopping by and
being a friend.  Please come again.

A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you've been,
accepts who you've become, and, still, gently invites you to grow.  Author Unknown 

I am happily joining these Tea Parties:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Dressed Up for Valentine’s Day

First of all I want all of you to see that I did clean up my dining room table!  I can’t believe I put that picture on my blog!  I’ve been tempted to delete it for the sheer embarassment of it LOL! 

Well see, it doesn’t always look like that.  Most of the time it looks like this.   But sometimes, after a few Goodwill or Estate Sale runs or Crafting Frenzies, it looks like, well, that picture!  My office/craft room is not big enough for me and my stuff so it does spill over to the dining room, or “tea” room as my friends refer it.   
Its all “done up” for Valentine’s Day. 

I put my four black tea cups together for a different look on this shelf.  I should’ve taken a better picture.  If you click on the top pic it should enlarge enough for you to see the whole shelf.  The valentine card here was given to me by my Sweet William a couple of years ago.  I display it every year along with the others you see in these photos.
Sorry about the glare on this valentine card.  It is adorable.
This beautiful old card was given to my mother-in-law by one of husband’s brothers sometime in the 60’s.  Somehow I inherited it.  Not complaining, I love that I have it. 
Watch out!  There’s cupid ready let his arrow go…
Straight to these lovers hearts!  Just reminded myself of that song by I think Tony Orlando?  You know  “Cupid draw back your bow-oo, and let your arrow go straight to my lovers heart for me…”    LOL!  Geez, I’m soooo corny!
Here’s the tea spoon lady, she’s looking for a Valentine too.

Another playful cherub.  Some of my cherubs stay around all year long.
   Others get packed away after February. 
I like this fairy.  She goes well with the Valentine décor.  The cherub here is one that stays all year round.  You’ll see them from time to time in different posts.
And,  look what my mom made for me.   I sell her crochet doilies in my booth.    Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek around my “tea” room.    I am linking up with My Romantic Home Show and Tell Friday and Valentine's Week Linky Party.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Say it with Roses–Tea Time Tuesday

I am so excited to take part in Sandi’s 2nd Birthday of Tea Time Tuesday Posts.   I really do love blogging, I can visit with friends in far away places, and then in turn have them visit me here.
It is winter here, so I do not have roses in the garden and, well, I’m unable to buy fresh right now.  So these fabric roses will have to do.    Hopefully, some Sweetie will bless me soon with real roses (Valentines Day is coming Honey!) 
I found some interesting information about roses that I thought I would share at the party.
”The rose is the month June’s birth flower.  (My birth month!) The Rose is known as the flower of passion as the ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite the goddess of love gave a rose to Eros the god of love. Roses have many flower meanings according to their color and number of roses in a bouquet. All roses symbolize love and appreciation though.
No other flower is a recognizable as the rose. No other flower conveys love and passion like the rose either. In Victorian times each flower had its own secret meaning. Red roses meant you love the receiver. Pink roses mean you have not the passion of red, but still have feelings of love. Dark pink roses mean you have gratitude. Light pink roses mean admiration or sympathy. White roses mean innocence, purity, secrecy and friendship. Yellow roses mean dying love or platonic love. In German speaking countries though yellow roses mean jealousy and infidelity. Yellow roses with red tips mean friendship or falling in love. Burgundy roses mean beauty. Blue roses mean mystery. Green roses mean calm. Purple roses mean protection and maternal or paternal love.”   I got this at this website: http://www.birthflowersguide.com/june-birth-flower.html  Maybe you want to look up your birth flower to see what it says?
A few years ago I attended a womens retreat with my Church and one of the speakers likened a young lady to a rose during her session on purity.   She said that the more the rose is handled, (touched, smelled, passed around, etc.) the more likely it will become bruised and wilted and lose its petals.   It will wither up and fade away if not treated with the gentlest of hands.   So also a young lady.   She should take great care to not be handled by many and to preserve herself (A Beautiful Rose) for her husband.  
Now I don’t do this allegory justice.  When she told it, our eyes were opened to the meaning and I could not wait to get back to my home and share this with my daughters, who at the time were on their way to becoming young ladies.    When the time was right, I presented them with rosebuds and told the allegory.   We carefully put the buds in a vase and watched as the beautiful roses unfolded over the next several days.   And they understood. 

"O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exhalt his name together."  Psalm 34:3

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you have enjoyed my “rosey” post. 


"After all, the only real roses are pink ones. They are the flowers of love and faith"
Anne Shirley  

(Before I put a quote out there, I want to make sure it is legitimate and that I have it correct.  When I googled the above Anne Shirley quote quess what came up?   Rose Chintz Cottage - Tea Time Tuesday!  No Kidding.)
Happy 2nd Birthday Tea Time Tuesday!   Thank you Sandi for letting join in on the fun, even after I've been away for awhile. 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Vintage/Shabby/Romantic Booth

Come on in!  I’ve been working two jobs lately.  The one I get paid for (employment counseling for young adults) and the one I love…  my booth.
Look around.  I have all kinds of things for sale.  Some I made, like this valentine apron.
Some I just painted,  like this metal picture frame with the rose picture.    These are just like Polka Dot Closet – Carol inspires me, if you haven't already you should check her out!   I finally got my hands on heirloom white paint.  It is absolutely the white I’ve been looking for.  
And the rose pics come from an Avon Calendar that I have,  just like hers too!  I used think of myself as a Blog Butterfly – just quietly visiting everyone’s blog.   But now I think of myself as more of a Blog Bee.  I go from one beautiful blog to another, picking up pollen (your creative inspirations, tutorials, freebies, etc.)  and then bring them back to my own beehive and combine it with my creativity.  I hope that doesn't offend anyone. 
I put together some valentine sayings with scrabble tiles – they’re selling like hotcakes!  If you click on the picture it should get bigger so you can see it better.
I made some valentine-y ornaments.  I just put some pink lace and ribbons in glass ornaments I picked up on clearance.
A few items I’ve found while out junkin’.  This yellow wall has got to go.   Don’t get me wrong – I like yellow, it is the color of the entry to my home.   But in my booth it’s all wrong.  I have a plan to paint it sage green soon.  Maybe during spring break. 

The red wall too.  It almost feels like ketchup and mustard.  It doesn’t go well with my shabby/vintage/romantic style very well.
Here are some pink embellished hangers that I made.  I bought a 6 pack of wooden hangers from Walmart and some ballerina pink spray paint.  Then added some embellishments.  We’ll see if someone else will like them too.   I also painted and glittered the wooden heart cutouts.  I bought those at Michael's Craft Store.
I  didn’t  take pictures of these shelves, or the stuff on top.  Aren't you glad I didn't bore you with that too?   And last, but certainly not least, is this beautiful vintage reproduction of a victorian settee.   I got it for a good price at the Goodwill just before Christmas, brought it home, cleaned it up and put it here just before New Year’s.   I hope it sells soon, I have other big pieces that I'm working on to take its place.    Thanks for visiting my booth.    It is located at the American Classics Marketplace, 1815 N. Academy Blvd., Booth A14, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea Time Tuesday

We did have snow on the ground this morning. It was cold and blowing off of the roof and it really looked like a blizzard. This afternoon the sun is shining and the wind has calmed down. I can even see the peak – covered with snow
It’s a typical January day in Colorado Springs. While it was snowing, I enjoyed a cup (or 3!) while reading Elizabeth George’s “Words of Encouragement for Women after God’s Own Heart”. I soooo needed it today.

I went to see my rheumatologist yesterday (I see her every 3 or 4 months).   I have been hurting so bad lately.   My joints swell and get red.   And for the past couple of months I haven’t been able to sleep well because of pain in my hips.
So the hip pain is not from the joint, Thank God, but it is the bursae? The side, where the tendons are.  I don’t know if that makes sense.   Well she gave me a steroid shot on both sides.   Very painful.    Then because of the other symptoms we are increasing the dose of Methotrexate I take and now I will have to administer a shot once a week instead of take the pills.   The docs staff showed me how with saline.  They did one and then I did one.  That was four pokes up to this point.   Then to deal with my other issue – Fybromalgia, she prescribed flexiril, a muscle relaxer for me to take at bedtime.   Yeah!  Another medicine to take.  (I’m being sarcastic) 
Then I was on to the lab for my lab check.  Another poke!   By the time I got home I was in tears.   I was feeling sorry for myself, seriously.   I just needed a hug. This morning when I woke up I felt as if someone had punched me in my right butt cheek!  It hurt too bad to go up and down the stairs.  So I took a “mental health” day from work so I could hobble around in the privacy of my own home.
Enough feeling sorry for myself!  Thanks for listening – or reading – if you’ve gotten this far.
I tried to take a picture of the snow but it was too bright.   I also wanted to show you some of things I've been doing.  Fun things.
These vintage chairs were an awesome garage sale find last fall.  They are now in line for a makeover.  My sweet William does the stripping and sanding for me.  Stay tuned for their makeover. 

This is my dining room table/workshop.  I really need to get all of this picked so we can get back to the table for meals.  That is my goal this week.   To get it all back upstairs to the office.   I’ll box it up and one of the girls can take it up for me. 
This is one of the things I made.  Remember making those valentine boxes in elementary school?   That’s what it reminds of.    It’s just a wood box from Hobby Lobby that I shabbied a bit and then used valentine ephemera.
This is the inside cover.   It will go to my Antiques/Craft booth.  I will post about that and include pictures later.
I’m also working on these.   These were the little wooden faux books from Home Interiors that got a new paint job, some shabbying and some decoupage.  What do you think?  This is my first one, the test so to speak.   I got this image from Rebecca at http://rebecca-gatheryeroses.blogspot.com/2011/02/free-valentine-graphics-new-give-away.html.  She has such a beautiful home, I love visiting her blog.  

I know it’s late in the day, but I am joining the following tea parties.


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