Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wow I've been gone for a long time

From my blog anyway -  I even forgot my password!  Geez!    It started when my computer crashed.  We had to save our pennies to get a new one and when we finally did I was busy with craft fair stuff and work and church and ...  on and on...

Well I am back!  I've been looking at all of the loveliness on my fellow bloggers sites.   You all are so creative and talented!   Then I got to Rebecca's site and she is giving away a traincase - Oh My Goodness!   Not just any train case, but one that she is decorating.    I would so love to win a case from her.   Here is a picture of one that she has done before:

Now you can enter too by clicking on the picture at the top of my blog or by clicking on this link           ~  (though I didn't want to share this information because the more that enter the less my chances are! LOL! ~ selfish 'ol me!)   Just kidding. Whoever wins this will be truly blessed.    If I win it, I will have to be selfish and keep it for myself.   I'm not giving it to any of my girls,  it will be so beautiful in my room, with my stuff in it. 

I'll be back to post more stuff.   I've had a lot of things I've wanted share and to show you.

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