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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blue Monday

Actually it's Saturday Tea in the Garden hosted by Bernideen (but by the time I get this posted it might be Monday!)  My girls and I were out all day Friday "back to school" shopping.   We stopped in to TJ Maxx/ Homegoods and while they were looking for the latest trends in fashion I was in the gourmet aisle and look what I found.   I have to tell you I felt a little like Angela  at Tea with Friends.   She is always finding neat tea things at Homegoods and other places.    

I was excited, I now had a plan for my Saturday Tea.   I would use the beautiful blue cups and saucers that I found at the Goodwill earlier in the week.    The were made in Brazil and I couldn't believe people just passed them by.   Each piece was already under .50 and they were marked down further because apparently they been hanging around for a couple of weeks.   What a steal!

I've never made scones from a mix and I have to tell you these turned out soooooo good!   I went with a lemon theme.   I think the blues and yellows go so well together.   We have lemon and ginger scones,  served with devonshire cream and blackberry jam,  lemon tea, lemon pudding with blueberries and ham & cheese sandwiches. 

 Oh look there's one of my daughters - she is wearing a minion shirt.   And yes, she was one of my minions as I prepared for this tea.   She really does like to learn about tea etiquette.   So today we talked about scones.   I've always thought it was pronounced scones, with a long O.   Once I heard someone pronounce it "skahn".  I think that person was horribly mistaken, I didn't correct her because she was teaching and I didn't want to appear rude.  I just thought "yikes"  It's scooooone.  Perhaps I am mistaken?

Did you know the proper way to eat scones is to break off a bite sized piece, then spread the cream and jam on before you pop it in your mouth.   I've heard that it was done this way because if you didn't finish all of it the rest could be saved without getting spoiled and the "help" would then take the leftovers home.    Personally, I think it's because a good scone is a little crumbly and it would make a mess and not be very lady like to slather it with cream and take a big bite!      

We are enjoying our afternoon tea in the Sunroom today because my yard is muddy - we've been blessed with lots of rain!   I love it - everything is very green and lush.   And, also my dh is outside mowing and trimming bushes and I don't want to get in his way!      So here it is, my Saturday Tea in the Garden  taking place in the sunroom.    Thank you Bernideen for hosting this and inspiring the tea lover in us.    

(After publishing the post I realized - where's the tea?   It's still in the pot on the counter!  I guess I'll go down now and enjoy another scone with a cup of tea this time! LOL!) 


  1. Jocelyn - how lovely - let's pretend this is a sun porch by the window! Lovely blue glass!

  2. Hello Jocelyn
    I enjoyed your tea post and can't believe what pretty blue teacups and plates you were able to get cheap.
    My pronunciation is with the long 'o' like cones too.

  3. Hello Jocelyn,
    Pronuncian of the word 'scone' is quite regional! I pronounce the word "Skahn", NOT with a long o like "zone". I was taught this way of saying it by Scottish and Irish friends. The teacher was not horribly wrong. You say tomato, I say tomahto!!!! lol~
    Happy Saturday,
    Off to have another 'skahn'! :D

  4. Thank you for both visiting my blog and for the link, Jocelyne! I think you and I were definitely on the same wavelength with our recent focus on blues, although you definitely got the bargain of the week with your pretty blue teawares!I love your blue and yellow combination here, and I can clearly see I need to be visiting your "tea room" here a lot more!


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