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Monday, July 11, 2011

What I've been up to...

I haven't had time for tea in the Garden on Saturday because I've been crazy busy - most of it fun.   We hosted a 4th of July BBQ for about 50 people - it turned out nice but it was very hot here.   Even the teens spent most of the afternoon inside playing board games or "spoons"

(My Grandson, Jace, He looks so hot even in the shade!)
(Inside with the Central Air!)

Then, I had to go back to work.  It's rewarding but it's work.  I'd rather be home doing my laundry and weeding the garden!   It's coming along (the garden), even after the neighbors dog dug holes everywhere!  AHHHH!
(Rose of Sharon I planted in June)

Then my dh and went yard sailing Friday and Saturday.  Even after I vowed (to myself) not to go out on Saturday.  I have a bunch a new treasures.   Some will stay here and others will get cleaned up, tagged up and taken to my booth at American Classic Marketplace in Colorado Springs.   I've not shown a picture on here of my booth so here's one - it was taken with a phone so the quality isn't that good.   I'll take some more and post them later.   

It's booth number D33, and I share this one with a friend.  I have another, a lot smaller that I do myself, that one is C43.  

I also stripped and refinished a stool.    This stool:

It was bad - had over 100 little nails on the bottom!   Now it looks like this:

I painted the whole thing black and then laid a cut out that I got from the The Graphics Fairy .   I then painted the top white and quickly and carefully removed the cut out.   After it dried I sanded it to give it that "shabby"  look.   Something my family doesn't understand!  It's now in my booth for $28.00. 

And lastly, I have one daughter off to Oregon on a missions trip and the other soon to going to Texas for the same.   They will both be gone for a week.  I've already warned the older two that it was my time - not babysitting or making anyone else dinner (how selfish of me huh?)

Hopefully, I will be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea, or two, or three...


  1. I have a stool just like that in my garage and have put off working on it, why you ask, because it has 100 little tacks in it! I love yours, I was tossing around making in into a vanity stool with a skirt? We'll see


  2. I know what you mean about the HEAT! But we have been having afternoon storms with rain and the WIND, so it seems to cool off a bit.

    Cute stool! ♥♫

  3. I will visit your booth sometime!

  4. At first my family didn't understand the shabby thing...

    Now that I make $ selling it they love it!


    PS: I went to HS in Colorado Springs. Graduated in 1976 at Harrison!


  5. What a sweet little stool! I hope you're enjoying the Summer and taking time for a cup of tea. Wishing you a lovely weekend.



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