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Monday, May 23, 2011

TeaCup Tuesday

I've been away way too long.  There are at least a hundred reasons why I haven't posted.  And none seem to matter now.  I have peeked in on all of my favorite blogs from time to time, like Martha's and Terri's, and have oooed and ahhhed over many beautiful tea cups, but I haven't shared any of mine.    Sometimes life just takes you along in whirlwind and you just don't  have the time to stop and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a good talk with some dear friends.   I'm learning that you have to make the time, like right now, to enjoy this wonderful sleepy time tea and catch up with some dear blogging friends before I lay my sleepy head down for the night.

I bought these beautiful cups at a garage sale this weekend for $4.00 a piece - can you believe it!   And I was lucky enough to find a pair.    I have had a long day so I'm saying goodnight.   Before you head in that direction why not pour yourself a cup of tea dear friend and check out the other beautiful teacup treasures at Martha's and Terri's Teacup Tuesday. 


  1. What a lovely way to treat yourself when life has been hectic. A cup of tea and visit with friends is perfect! Your new tea cups are totally fabulous bargains! Good for you!
    Thank you so much for sharing your cups with us today.

  2. Your Duchess cups from England are a great find! They are lovely. Happy Tea Day!

  3. Oh.....Looks like a great bargain!

  4. Jocelyne:
    Glad to have you join in on Saturday!

  5. Jocelyne...your site is so lovely. I adore your cups here thank you for sharing them. You are right...it can be a busy life but taking the time to "fill one's cup" which is a pretty painted porcelain one in my case....is always time well spent.


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