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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tiny Treasures

Would you care for a tiny spot of tea?  That's all we'll get out of these minis.  I think they are adorably cute!   The blue set was a gift from some dear friends that had visited China.  It is so small and cute, I got all giddy over its cuteness.   Now my dear husband, who is not to be outdone by anyone when it comes to me (blush), went out and found the purplish one, which is even smaller and cuter.  I have a hardtime putting the lids back on with my fat fingers.  The bigger of the three little sets was also given to me by my dear honey, I think for a birthday gift.  He sure knows what I like (sigh).    It is such a sweet thing to be loved and to love back.   Scripture tells us "to love one another, for love is of God, and every one who loves is born of God and knows God."  1 John 4:7.    Let us all go forth today and love somebody ~ in word or in deed ~ and be Thankful that we are all loved by God.  John 3:16  
I am having tea today with Sandi and Martha and a whole bunch of other friends at http://sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.com/  and  http://www.marthasfavorites.com/ 


  1. Hi Jocelyne,
    Your little tea sets are adorable! I love tea sets of all sizes. I have one tiny set that I am saving for my little granddaughter who is supposed to be born on Christmas Eve. Thank you for sharing these little treasures; very cute!


  2. Oh wow! Each set is just beautiful! Collecting at this size could be really great, considering one could easily have room to display them.

  3. What dainty delights! I agree with Terri ... I'd have room for these!!!! Fun post. Happy Tea Day!

  4. I enjoyed seeing your lovely tiny tea sets.
    I have a couple such minis and know how difficult it is to handle those lids!

  5. All those tiny tea sets are lovely. I like how you are displaying them with your full size pieces, it really sets them off.


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