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Monday, September 27, 2010

Perfect Peach Tea Break!

Taking a break from the fall decorating and enjoying a cup of Bigelow's Perfect Peach tea.   I love transferware.  I've just started collecting it, what I could find anyway.   It's hasn't been an easy find for me. 
 So far I have two red, two brown and one dark brown (almost black) tea cups and saucers.   One red platter and one red bowl.  They remind of the beautiful toile fabric. And seem so right for fall. 
 I haven't found a tea pot yet.  But I will, in time, and when I do I know I will be soooo excited.    In the meantime I'll use my somewhat "cheesy" fall tea pot.  It does the job.

 The bottom of the red transferware teacup has Ironstone, made in england molded into it.  This is a picture of the bottom of the saucer.  Olde Country Castles, Made in England, Ironstone.    Happy Teacup Tuesday everyone!  I'm joining with http://www.marthasfavorites.com/2010/09/tea-cup-tuesday-no-30.html and http://sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.com/

Tea-Time Manners, from Tea Time with God, "How much sweeter everyday life would be if tea-time manners were valued ... Manners are merely behaving as though Jesus were our honored guest - as if every other person we meet is His personal emissary.  It means doing and saying what makes others feel comfortable."   The desire of man is his kindness  Proverbs 19:22 


  1. Hi: I just love the autumn look of your post today. Your tea cup is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing you treasures with us. Blessings, Martha

  2. Happy Tea Cup Tuesday, Jocelyne ~
    tea's on at FHC & you're invited :)
    WELCOME !!

  3. Hi Jocelyne,
    I am so happy to 'meet' you! I just love your transferware teacup! Peach tea sounds really good right now and I would love to sit and enjoy a cup with you. Thank you for joining me today. I enjoyed your quote and scripture verse today too.


  4. another beautiful transferware! love the teacup! and welcome aboard!

  5. Hi Jocelyne,
    I love your transferware! It is so hard to find though! You peach tea sounds yummy!
    Happy Tea!

  6. Lovely transferware and beautiful fall post. Happy Tea Day!

  7. Hello Jocelyne :) Lovely transferware cup! That is something I do not have in my little teacup collection....if they made it in pink I might be inclined to add it to my collection :) I hope you do find a teapot one day soon...try looking on Ebay.

    Wishing you a lovely Tea Tuesday!!

    Warmest, Brenda

  8. Your teapot is actually very cute and does the job quite well Jocelyne!

  9. Hi, Jocelyne, it's nice to meet you. I see you are fairly new to the blogging community. A hearty welcome to you!!!

    Your transferware cup is lovely. I agree that it puts one in mind of toile. I also think your fall teapot is beautiful.

    I was reading your profile, and, like you, I met the Lord 17 years ago...in March 1993. I am so thankful to know him as my Savior.

    I am quite big on manners, so I appreciate the passage you included. Sadly, manners are pretty much obsolete in our society nowadays. I often see advertisements for starting your own etiquette business, where you would teach manners and etiquette to children. I'm praying about whether that is something I want to do.

    Anyhow, I hope you have a lovely day, and, again, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  10. I love your rose transfer ware tea cup and saucer! In fact, I have a set of dishes to match and smaller tea cups and saucers. I just love them.
    Thank you so much for sharing yours, and your very pretty fall tea pot, today.

  11. Your cup and saucer are pretty and the teapot is festive. I hope you are able to find more transfer ware to add to your collection.

  12. Your transfer ware tea cup is lovely and I like your fall tea setting.


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