Monday, July 26, 2010


I haven't blogged in a long time.   I've been very busy,  but good friends understand ... and know that I still love them.    I almost lost sight of my passion to have tea parties because of changes at work and got really busy with that.   But now things are settling into a routine and I've found some "me" time.   And wow was I blessed to come home from work today to find the latest issue of Romantic Homes magazine in my mailbox.  Among all the beautiful pictures and wonderful articles (I always read it cover to cover) I found a wonderful new blog friend to follow - (great name huh?).   She is featured in the Make It section showing how to make wonderful keepsakes from your old paperdolls.  I went to her blog and found even more craft ideas and hints.  I immediately became a follower.   And then while perusing her blog I came across another,   A Delightsome Life from my all time favorite Victoria magazine.   I remember the first time a saw an issue of Victoria Magazine,  it was more than 17 years ago at a friends house.  I admired my friends "little cottage on the creek", and there on the coffee table with a bowl full of shiny Christmas bulbs was Victoria Magazine.   It was love at first sight and on my way home that day I went to the grocery store to buy my own copy.   After seeing all this beauty, in the magazines and the blog sites, I am inspired once again to continue with my own passions.    Tea parties are a time to slow down, relax and visit with friends.  I  am so ready for that.  

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