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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting with it...

On my other blog,  http://www.myheartstealight.blogspot.com/ , I posted about challenging myself to complete some projects that have been left undone.  As I was writing the post I thought about doing that for my business as well.  So today I have written three pages of my business plan.  I didn't know this would be so involved.  I really just thought that I could start making scones and little sandwiches and start partying!  I didn't know I'd need a catering license and have to use a commercial kitchen.   I didn't know that a business plan can help you organize your vision and set your goals on paper.   This is the first one I've ever written.  Then the other thing I did was set the date for my valentine tea.  My tea will be held February 20.  It can't be on the 13th because Bernideen is having "Tea with Jane Austen" and Natalie and I plan on being there.   Then that evening we have a Mystery Dinner Theatre at church and two of my daughters are in the drama.  So the 20th it is.  I'm excited.  I have my menu set and now I will make the invitations. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So the place that I thought was a tea room where I could have a bite to eat turned out to be an antique store that served tea.  Just tea.  I was still hungry when I left there.  And then my friend's birthday tea for February was cancelled.  I guess I've sort of found a little valley on the way up the mountain.   So no stress trying to get things done, just more time to plan and begin marketing.   I think I'll host a valentine tea as my "grand opening" and invite my sisters, nieces and neighbors.  How does that sound?  Now to begin the planning for the valentine tea...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still moving forward ~

No, I have not given up.  I'm still moving forward with this idea.  It takes time.   I just want to start "doing" instead of just dreaming.  Everything is still in the planning stages.  Writing a business plan takes a while and then this morning I thought about the need for a contract.  So now I'll have write that out too.   I've been doing some market research and I have not found a "tea party caterer" in my area at all.   There are several places you can go to for tea, including the Miramont Castle in Manitou.  One place I know of that you can reserve their party room for tea, but it is not the same style as I would choose.  It's more of a "new age" feel.  I don't know how else to describe it.   Just not my taste anyway.  I am more of a romantic.  Today I will go to one other place for lunch to check it out.  She already told me she doesn't do "tea parties" because she doesn't have the staff.   So ~ onward!  I'll keep moving toward the goal.   I have a birthday tea set in February, for a friend, it will be at my house so I do not need a license.   More on the license later. 

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