Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Tea Time

I don't know what started it, but somewhere in time I fell in love with tea cups and tea things.  I started collecting a "few" and then dear ones in my life gave me a "few" more.

I am drawn to them in the thrift stores and yard sales especially.  To me it seems people don't realize what they have, but I do, and I snatch them up.  So many of them I've gotten for just pennies.  

Like any collection it grows and grows.  These are just what I have in the Christmas theme.  I love putting them on display at this time of year.  It adds such a  festive touch to my dining room.  (Or as some have called it my tea room)  My favorite though is the "diamond room" as one of my dear granddaughters called it when she was learning to talk.

I have minis that I just adore.  They were probably meant for child's play and I do play with them on occasion with my grands. 

I do use all of my cups, at least once. If you come over for tea I'll let you chose a cup to use.

But when we are through, I will wash and dry it and carefully put it back on display.

Here is a vintage coffee or chocolate pot with a bowl.  I've not used it but it does show signs of use.  This beautiful Vintage Merry Christmas cup and saucer is a favorite.  

I also collect snowmen!  Now they really multiply - I'll post about those soon too.  I just love the Snowmen teapots that I have acquired over the years.  

This one I've had the longest.  Just love his rosy cheeks!

Here is another Christmas mini with a Snowman Teapot peeking out from behind. 

This teapot is my most used Christmas teapot.  It is such a generous size and I love to serve Cranberry Spice tea from it.  

Another teapot...this one a kid on a sleigh.  So fun!  I've not use this one either.

These are a part of my Christmas China.  I do have the whole set but display just these for now. On Christmas day we will use the set and then carefully pack it all away once the festivities are over. 
And last in my "diamond" room I want to share with you my mini tree with the mini mini teacup and teapot ornaments.  And my mini nativity scene.   They're so cute!  I couldn't resist. 

 I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.  I am linking up with Creating Christmas Link Party and with Home For Christmas Link Party.  For more Christmas inspiration go check it out.  There is so much to see! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Time

Welcome to Christmas time in my home.  This year I finished all of my decorating before December 1, can you believe it!  I knew the month was going to be busy and fly by so I wanted to get a head start. It helped that we had almost a whole week after Thanksgiving before December rolled in.  

  These pictures are of my living room tree and some of the other decorations in this room.  The nativity scene is from Italy and it's a soft pastel color.  I just love the way it looks.  I only have the pieces in the photo though as I bought it from an estate sale and it goes so well with the whites that I like to keep  in this room.  Whites are so peaceful and refreshing to me. 

I have collected these ornaments over the past several years.  Some are new, some are vintage, some aren't really ornaments at all, I just use them that way! 

The white roses will once again be displayed in their vases after the season is over. Many of my decorations I have found at thrift stores and estate sales. I love finding them off season. It keeps Christmas alive all year long!  

It's always a fun challenge for me to reconfigure the furniture settings when it's time to put up the tree.   

This year I put an end table behind the couch and added height by grouping tall pieces together.  

And I didn't loose my cozy reading spot. It's perfect for my morning coffee and bible reading.  

I just love shabby whites.  The white looks almost like you don't want to touch it for fear of getting it dirty but the "shabby" worn part invites you to cuddle up and be comfortable.   

On top of the piano is a beautifully cross stitched Silent Night.  I have it displayed near another Nativity Scene.  

This one I've had for a long time.   Honestly it probably came from KMart or Walmart many years ago.  I don't remember.  I do remember that I had to have one, more than I wanted a Christmas Tree.  A Nativity Scene is how I first learned what Christmas was all about.  I remember my mom explaining that it was the birth of Jesus that we celebrated on Christmas as she carefully displayed hers under the Christmas tree. 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Christmas home.  Next I'll show you my Christmas tea cups.   

I'm sharing my Shabby White Christmas at Creating Christmas Link Party and with The Home For Christmas Link Party.  You guys have got to go check it out - so much Christmas inspiration over there.  

Friday, November 10, 2017

My First Tea Cup Exchange

Oh I am soooooo glad I finally got to participate in this Tea Cup Exchange hosted by beautiful Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose blog!   In the past I was always too late.  I would only get to read about it and drool over all the pictures of the exchanges.  Not this time though!  I happened to notice it was coming up and jumped on the opportunity to participate. Even though it came at a very busy time for me.  I was running the kitchen at my church for a week feeding about 400 people everyday.    A lot of prep goes into that...and it all happened the week we were to send out our exchanges!   None the less, I was determined.   I sent my package to Kelly of Homespuns 'n Hayfields blog.    I had such fun looking through her blog and her past teacup exchanges trying to figure out what she would like.  It was so neat learning that her fave color is the same as mine - Yellow!  Not many can say that.  She also likes antiques and  ironstone - so do I!  We are both Grandmom's already...  What a great match!  I sent her a vintage ironstone transferware teacup and saucer in brown, from my collection, along with some other little goodies. Here is picture of what I sent: 

Then,  I received the following from Linda at My Sew What Blog.   I felt so spoiled!  


Just look at all of this beautifulness!  Everything was wrapped and stamped with a teacup stamp and tied with gold ribbon.  Even the wrapping was pretty.   I can't even pick a favorite thing...

This handmade bag...lined, zippered, has lace...I love lace....enough said.

This vintage napkin, wrapped around a crocheted placemat and tied together with silk flower and honey spoon!  It's just so pretty I didn't want to take apart!  I love vintage linens.

These mercury glass votive holders.  Love how they add a little more sparkle to the table! 

Yummy tea in these cute little tins!  

Who doesn't love handmade soaps, and these face scrubbies!  The smell is wonderful.

Maple syrup and honey.  Yum.  I mean I didn't expect all of this goodness!  

And chocolates...Does she know my weaknesses or what?  I was in heaven. 

And I confess, ate the whole box while taking these photos.  Yummmmm.  

And of course, this absolutely beautiful tea cup and saucer!  Just look at her standing all sassy on her gold feet.  I love it.  She has already taken the top spot on my teacup stand and will stay there for awhile I'm sure.  See if you can spot her in upcoming blog posts!  This was such fun and I can't wait for the next exchange.  Thank you Stephanie for pouring your heart into this.  Because of you, we all have received gifts from new friends that I am sure we will treasure!   

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Funny Story ~ The "Bird Bench"

Funny story...I wonder if any of my readers have ever experienced something similar?

In 2011 I found this kidney shaped bench at an Estate Sale run by family where everything was priced too high. (Something about emotional attachments I think)  I was able to talk the owner of this wobbly old bench down to $12.00 from $20.00. I just really wanted it I guess.  I brought it home and made it over.   You can see the original post here

It was so wobbly I wouldn't sit on it.  I took it apart and re-glued the legs and just tightened it up and then went on to refinish it like this.

Brought her to my booth and it sold, rather quickly if I remember right, for $28.00.

This past summer, while out treasure hunting guess what I found!  This little bird bench!  They were only asking $3.00 for it!   LOL!  They told me where they bought it -  at American Classics Marketplace.  I confessed to them that they actually bought it from me and gave her $5 and brought my little bird bench back home.  I cleaned her up, tightened her up again, and yup, put her back for sale in my booth for $30.00 (inflation you know!)   Once again she sold rather quickly!  I wonder if our journey is over or if I'll see her again somewhere?  

There was another table that I painted and stenciled and put up for sale in my booth ~ this one:

Again, while out treasure hunting, I happened upon it at another antique mall here in town, marked up just a little more than I had it.  I did not buy it back!  Just thought it was funny and I was honored that another vendor liked my stuff enough to do that.  Also learned to price my wares accordingly...I was still fairly new to this business!  

My booth, February 2013

Have you ever had this happen to you?  Please share your story in the comments or feel free to link your story so I can read about it. 

 I'm sharing this post at Share Your Cup with Jann Olson.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why I Like Fall best

There are so many reasons why Autumn is my favorite. 
 I'm sure I'm not the only one and definitely not the only one that's posting about it right now!  But I'm sharing anyway because that's what on my mind!  One of my reasons is because the weather gets cooler, although it's been pretty chilly here in the mornings already.  It has rained almost everyday this month and a lot in July.  It's overcast and even foggy this morning.  I see people walking in the park with hoods on, it's chilly! Not complaining, just saying. 
(The leaves on this 40 year old American Elm are getting lighter...)

 My others reasons include the flavors - Apple Pies and Pumpkin everything.  The smells, homemade soup in the crockpot, the already mentioned apple pies and pumpkin spice and new crayons.  You know what I'm talking about.  The beautiful sights of the trees turning.   Are you feeling it yet?

(This is from couple of years ago ... a trail in Vail, Co)
I love all of these things but my number one reason why Fall is my favorite - is the getting back to routines, school schedules and the to do lists that get done.   We are so excited to be freed from most of that for the summer months, and yet we so look forward to settling back into those routines come late summer.  Getting back to business if you will.  If even just for a short time because once the holidays come around it kind of throws us off anyway.

I used to think it was the colors, the weather, the flavors, but as I've gotten older I realize it is the need for stability in my life.  For schedulng, for alarm clocks (dare I say), for days of just getting things done!  It's also reality check time for me.  Getting back to budgeting, to exercise routines, to watching what I'm eating, to working - LOL. 

 It's not all boring and business though, I have a Fall Bucket List, full of fun things (to me anyway.)  You can have a copy of mine or make one for yourself.  I'm also sharing a recipe for Apple Betty that was given to me by a dear friend long ago.  It will fill your kitchen with some wonderful smells and get you right in the mood to change up your decor!     Enjoy the attached and more than ever, enjoy your fall season!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Vintage Sewing Basket

You know what I love?  I love finding vintage sewing baskets at sales.  Especially when the price is so low!  

Like this one!  There it was sitting in a room with odds and ends on the floor.  All the furniture had already been bought and removed.   I guessed this must of been on a shelf and the movers didn't know what to make of it so they just set it on the floor next to the extra curtains and bedding.  I snatched it up and continued on my search through the rest of the sale.   I couldn't wait to bring it home and open it up!   I have to maintain my excitement at these sales.  I don't want people to "up" the price because they think I've found gold or something!  

 How beautifully made this one is.  It is covered with a quilted oil cloth like fabric.  The color is still bright and not faded like most things this age.   It must of been kept in a closet or cabinet out of the sun rays.  

How excited I was to open it.  I knew something was in it the moment I picked it up and that just adds to the  "treasure hunt".   Just look at the old wooden spools and other spools of thread.  The buttons, oh I love old buttons! Some of them never used and some came from garments with the threads still attached.  There are needles in their original packaging and various other sewing notions.   

Tucked away in a side pocket I found this old drug store prescription box.  What fun.  The date on it is 7/3/47!  It is nearly 70 years old!  I just love finding this stuff.  

Inside it was safely housing some old upholstery tacks.   And the note on the inside cover - priceless. Can you enlarge it to read?  If not, here is what it says:  "We have these boxes hinged so that covers of different Boxes cannot become interchanged and the wrong directions applied.  Every possibility of error is guarded against in our Prescription Department."   The "hinge" is still intact.   Thank God for modern medicines and the bottles we now have that are even child proofed.   

Love these old buttons.  I don't know yet what I'm going to do with them, or with the wooden spools.  It seemed this sewing basket was carefully taken care of and I almost don't want to separate any of it.

I don't know a whole lot about this sweet little sewing basket, but the bottom has this label that says Kerk Guild inc., Artists in Accessories.   I've looked (googled) it and found very few similar.  I think it is from somewhere in the 40's to 60's, based on the prescription box inside, the other contents and the similars that I've found online.  Doesn't matter though, because for now it sits on a shelf in my room, looking pretty, waiting for me to decide what to do with it, before it gets sold again in my own Estate Sale!   

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